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3mm Scale Layout Articles

This website has been produced using photographs and descriptions of layouts by 3mm Society members to show what can be acheived in 3mm scale.
More information about the scale and the Society can be found at The 3mm Society Website.

Layout Articles

Mervyn Turvey's Alston
Tony Briddon's Billton
Rod Shaw's Briargate
Bruce Smetham's Broad Green Part 1 & Part 2
Bob Brown's Foxbury
South Downs and Solent Group's Gettingdon Station
Peter Gentle's Minsterly
David Newling's Tri-Ang Layout
Nick Salzman's Wyeknot


Layout Pictures

Terry Tracey's Belmont Junction
Dave Martin & Ian Harris's Belton
Tony Briddon's Billton
Peter Bossom's Bulverhythe
Bob Brown's Foxbury
Keith Gowen's Helston
Croydon MRC's Hemlock
Andy Shillito's Linton Cement Works
John Sutton's Southwell
Eric Large's Triang Exhibition layout
John O'Dell's Uplyme (layout built by Ian Smith)
Mike Corp's West Harptree


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