My Bike Pages

My first bike was a Puch Maxi 50cc moped. Got it when I left school and used it to commute from Bisley to Farnborough. Sorry no photo’s yet.

Triumph Tiger Cub.
I bought this when I was 17, for the sum of £17. It’s had a few engine rebuilds over the years and tought me a lot about motorcycle

mechanics. I still use it occasionally for nipping through the grid lock, that is Guildford on a Saturday.

URAL Soviet Knight 650
My first “big” bike. I wanted a new bike but I liked the looks of the older ones. Before “retro” bikes were available the Russians were producing these. In fact they have changed little since the 1930’s. They are also very easy to work on, making them a very cheap form of transport. This became my every day ride, for commuting and rallies.

VFR 750F
My wife got fed up seeing me struggling to start the Ural on cold winter mornings, so she bought me this for my birthday.

My wife wanted something more comfy for touring and camping trips, so she bought me this for Christmas.

Electric URAL
My concept electric powered bike. I used my Soviet Knight as a donor because the engine was in need of some work. This is still in development, see the “Electric Bike” pages for more information.

Alan Grimmett