Electric Bike Project Pictures

This is the LYNCH 12HP PM motor with the adapter plate I had made at Camberley engineering.

I had a spare URAL engine block, I cut this up to make a motor mounting bracket. This is it with the motor adapter plate in place.

The assembled motor and gearbox in the bike frame. The Curtis controller can be seen mounted over the gearbox. The aluminium frame is for the battery supports.

The motor, mounted to what is left of the engine block.

Here is a side view, minus the batteries. I will have to cover the motor with something to keep all the road muck and rain off it, but also maintain a good air flow.

Another view on the left, the batteries stick out less than the original boxer engine !!
On the right is a riders view showing my home made “petrol” tank. Actually it’s made from scraps of m.d.f., liberally varnished and painted, It’s job is to keep the rain off the electrics. It also holds the Amp meter (the white square) and a digital volt meter (below the amp meter).

This is the finished MK1 prototype, I am testing it round some quiet country lanes behind my home. It pulls very well and will draw 30 amps at 40 MPH on the flat. There is a slight 1.5 KHz tone when starting off but with a quick acceleration this does not last long, then there is silence ( apart from the gearbox).
I am still testing with the gearbox in place but I think I will remove this and move the two “outrider” batteries into the space made free. This will lighten the bike and give it a slightly higher operating speed, about 50 to 55 MPH.