Knight C Press

A very tough and versatile large acreage cultivator.

In good post harvest conditions this can go straight into stubble, 

mix to 9", sow OSR, and leave it firmly pressed, 

in one pass at 7 mph.


6m. 2011. Discs, Tines, air seeder, and Tripple Press. Folds to 3m.

with alternative tines and tine frames, extra discs, 

and fabricated framework to extend it to rear wheel configuration.

This also allows setting it up for many different soil types.

The discs and tines bars are adjustable for depth with 1" shim plates

 in relation to each other,  and to the tripple press.

The whole machine depth is goverened by the tripple press at the rear, 

and the hydraulically controlled drawbar at the front.

The wheels are just for transport on road or headland.


Price complete with spares

19,500 + VAT ex yard.

As configured now with the wide wheels. There are spare points. After autumn work and needs a wash.

This shows the current configuration except that the Levelling boards are not there .

(Welded on fittings are, but boards were never ordered, so ignore on all drawings). 

The points also are 230mm deep (not 200) with the other items at depth shown. 

This turned out to be the best lay out for our autumn medium loam soils, which have a large stone content. 

For that reason the original Knight tines and tine bars were replaced with auto reset items.

These three tine bars with twenty seven 40mm x 40mm  Pigtails with 60mm wide tungsten tipped and hard faced points.

More elements endangered over-cultivating it, bearing in mind that we used a drill and breaker ring roller after this.

On our soils and moisture levels it needed over 400 bhp to achieve 6.5 mph with the points at 9".


The original (without levellers.)

The original tine bars and tines are included to fit to revert to this, more suited to clay soils, with less stones.

These tines are all fitted with Knight quick change points, and shear bolt protection.

We've never used the OSR seeder, but all the parts are with the machine to revert to this lay out 

(including the electronic seed controller).



If more cultivation is needed for your soils, the parts (except some of the discs) are with the machine to do this.

The extra chassis fabrication is with the machine to weld on the back plate with extra gussets.

This puts the wheels aft and leaves more room within the frame for extra cultivation elements.

There are extra box frames and about half an extra set of discs with the machine.

It's an open frame in which you just bolt what you need.

Typically of Brian Knight, it is seriously 'built', and weighs quite heavily, 

so we replaced the original wheels with wide flotation wheels.


Here are links to video clips of it working. There are others on there too - click on my name.



Price complete with spares

19,500 + VAT ex yard.


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