Technoma GTS 3000 Variotec Logitec 24m trailed Sprayer.



24m hydraulic suspension booms with 12m fold and five position nozzle holders. 

Air axle suspension with rowcrop wheels. 3000 litre tank with central flushing. 

Clean water flushing tank. Hand wash tank. Chemical Hopper with can wash. 

Originally a Technoma demo unit, which then came to us. 

It last worked in July 2018 , just prior to my retirement from crop farming on 450 acres. 

It has one of the stablest booms of all the previous sprayers, including many self propelled ones. 

You can see in the photo that many of the panels are opened.

This is because all the pipes are undone and emptied to make it frost safe. 

It went through its last sprayer test with no problems. 

3700 + VAT collect



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