Caterpillar  Olympian GEP175 - 175kva Silent Canopied Generator



3 Phase. 175 kva Continuous @ 50 hz. 

With auxilliary "office" 240v single phase supply.

Engine 8.7 litres 1306.9TG2 running @ 1500 rpm.  

Length 4.9m.  Width 1.3m.  Height 1.88m. Weight approx 3 tonnes. 

Internal fuel tank holds 550 litres. ( enough for approx 13.5 hours at full power) . 

The grain store was operated by this, and could use up to 99 kva with everything turned on, therefore it's never been entirely stretched ! Never missed a beat. Was a hospital stand by generator  - fully canopied - silent clad.     only 2057 hours

6750.00 + VAT ex yard loaded.


Control panel. Main 3 phase Switch and Auxilliary 240v single phase "Office" switch. 

Wired for connection to an automatic change over switch in a building to switch over in the event of a power cut.

Change over switch box not included. (left in Hospital building).

3 Phase. 175 kva Continuous @ 50 hz. With auxilliary "office" 240v single phase connection. 2057 hours.

This has run our grain store for ten years and clocked up 760 trouble free hours . 

We gave it a birthday before harvest two years ago with a new fan belt and two new batteries, but apart for filters, oil and fuel, it has never asked for more.

It's in the middle of a village, but quiet enough to run without comments from neighbours.

On Sundays during harvest I only run this and the dryer while the Church opposite have a morning service, but since I've had no comment (or thanks), I can only assume that it hasn't been noticed.

Tel. 01677 422158 Fax. 01677 422148 
Mob. 07710 287147

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