Case Steiger 9370 - plus a bit. 

This tractor has never been here before, but has been known to us since day one.
It was bought by a contractor, along with combines, cultivators, etc, to whole farm contract an estate.
He managed to do one year before the Brussels 'experts' ! decided to change the set aside rules dramatically and immediately.
As we all know it takes farming a little longer to react.. 
Little things like rotation, breeding and altering stock levels, etc, - the sorts of little details that the politicians wouldn't notice.
The net result was that a large proportion of the estate went into set aside, and there was no longer a job for a whole farm contractor.
I'll bet I can guess what his vote will be .....
I was asked by a finance company to bid on some of the gear, and I was outbid on the one year old tractor by an estate up north.
The tractor remained on the radar because two local estates up there are clients.
Until we bought it, there had only been two owners.
Sadly after many hours of relatively trouble free work, it all went dramatically wrong 'up front' in spring 2013.
The engine went off to an extremely well qualified workshop (work it out), and cost well in excess of 10K to rebuild.
The engine came back and along with a few other large tractors on the estate, this one worked the autumn of 2013, and the spring and autumn of 2014 .
Right at the end of 2014 horror struck again in axactly the same place up front  - number 6. 
How odd !
It was out of it's rather limited warranty and upon visiting the same workshop, more used to dealing with the higher finances of the oil industry, - 
the prognosis came back that a complete new engine was needed.
So with agriculture not reading from the same financial script as the oil industry, this meant that the old girl was therefore effectively a write off.
Thank you folks for selling it to me and giving me the opportunity to realise something that's been on the cards 
since we stopped building the Lioness tractors, - and hopefully, without me losing a shed load on a project.

This old bird is one of the last of the model range and wearing the right axles for the job.

The old engine will be rebuilt in due course, and kept as a spare.

A close and newer rellie of it is now being totally rebuilt, despite it being obvious upon inspection, that it isn't long since it was last rebuilt. 

Being a fully electronic run engine (which has it's own problems with matching the non electronic tractor), it gives huge potential for engine tunings to suit our farming conditions this side of the pond. We did a few tuning tests last year using a different tractor and found 40% torque rise good from the driver's , and from the tractor components point of view.

The 40% is to lower the frequency of the need for full power gear changes. 

Initially it will be 500 bhp @ 2100 rpm with 1733 lb/ft @ 1400 rpm - a torque rise of 40%, with incredibly good fuel consumption figures.

 Same sort of power as the Quaddie 500, but weighing eight tonnes less.

Since it will only be driven by us and it isn't for sale, I would hope that we know how to treat a geabox with respect. 

Later, and with little effort, 525 bhp with 1850 lb/ft - still 40%- is available .

We also have a set of dual 800 x 32s. (and a ring fence).

Could be intersting. - Better cultivation timing. - More efficient fuel usage. - Improve soil structure by having less ground pressure -  etc.











  •       Case Steiger 9370 spec details to follow as decided.



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