Claas Commandor CS 228 rotary combine, 1991.

7.5m autocontour Lexion header with twin axle trailer, 3D sieves. 

Straw Chopper. Chaff Spreader. Rape knife. V10 Merc. 3863 hours and one previous owner.

 Serious cereal eater. 

£15000 + VAT. Ex. 01677 422158 or 07710 287147.  


 21/9/17, being cleaned to put in store.

Catching a bit of wheat between showers

Eating beans before it rains again.



 Autocontour on header stopped automatic tilt during harvestĖ brown multiplug under dash needs rewiring. Job for winter. Manual electric tilt works OK from the dash switch.

Wired for electric adjustment of :- straw chop direction, straw concave, and fan speed.

Extra tough 800 x 32 front tyres.

All our straw is baled and sold. The chopper is only used in Beans, and then not every year because we also sell the bean straw for boilers.

Rotaries can go when the crop is wetter than conventionals, which is useful when you have a sky like that behind you !  

If you can get it across the header Ė it will handle it, and on occasion we have had to grab wheat at 28%, which is the maximum that our grain store angles will handle. Ideal for catchy weather.

Fitted with Chopper and Spreader.

This is from our own farm and has been here since itís third season, and is oh so much better than our previous Dominator 115s and 116s, which had horrendous electrical probs and ate belts.

Most of those Dominators were turbocharged and a serious fire risk unlike this naturally aspirated V10, which is much more powerful than the previous V8s and very much above itís job, so it stays cooler. The extra power with a rotary means more throughput.

New upper sieves last year.

We (American Tractors) used to deal in them and take Claas UKs excess used rotary stock, but this was our last purchase from them. As such it was supplied to a very special specification. Originally had the usual 6.6m header which Class UK changed for a one year old 7.5m Lexion one complete with extra lift ram, in order to sell it to us. Experience with 228s had taught us that the extra power            ( 330 bhp) allowed extra throughput which tended to make the combines travel too fast with the 22ft header for the driverís reactions. Hence the insistance on a wider header.  Also has a larger diameter auger which handles more crop and smoothes the crop flow.   The theory proved right and so she stayed here.

Sheís been an absolute cracker.

Only for sale because at 72, Iím retiring from farming. (but not from tractors !)


Tel. 01677 422158 Fax. 01677 422148 
Mob. 07710 287147

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