Please Note. The barn in the photo has now gone, 

as have the elevators and handling equipment.




Vertec VT6700 Continuous mixed flow Grain Dryer. Rated at 14tph from 19% to 14.5% in ripe wheat. 3phase. Kero fired. Extractor fans and dust cladding for indoor use (currently outside though). Seven sections with lower one, two or three (adjustable) for cooling. Automatic temperature controller. Has transport wheels and drawbar which we used to bring it 13 miles to here having removed the top three sections. Fitted with all new 'triangle' Air Ducts in 2010 . (comes with a further pallet of spare new ducts). 1000+VAT ex yard. Buyer dismantles.


Two 21 ft diameter Bentall Simplex (now Bentall Rowlands) Galvanized outdoor storage bins.     

 These are similar to the ones pictured below but Approx 150 tonnes each. 

Complete with Ladders, Access hatches, ventilation floors, air ducts. Good condition. 

Already professionally dismantled, packaged, and ready to erect. 

500 each + VAT. Ex yard.


Three 24' round outdoor grain storage bins. (Only Two Left). Marketed here by Massey Ferguson, but made by Ideal in the US. Here assembled seven bands high to hold around 220 tonnes of wheat each when flat bottomed, and fitted inside a building. However we have the other sections to to make them up to their original height, nine bands high, about 280 tonnes each. With ladders and access doors. 1000 each + VAT ex yard - dismantled and loaded.


Three 12" Astwell commercial unloading augers made to fit the above bins , with 5.5kw motors. Capable of well in excess of 80 tonnes per hour. These commercial grade augers are made to handle difficult crops like peas and beans, so have 1/2" clearance between the auger flights and the tube. Flights are 4mm thick. Bearings on both ends. Flow is finely adjustable with large slides in the bin operated from outside by winding a handle via 20mm threaded bar. Seriously 'built'. Tripple SPZ belt drive in case bits of combine, etc, ended up in there jamming the auger - better to burn belt than motor. 100 each + VAT ex yard.

Three more 5.8m lengths of the same Astwell auger and tube, which was never made into augers due to not erecting the other three bins. 60 each + VAT ex yard.

One 2 ft diameter 3 phase building extractor fan.

Two 25kw motors with fans to fit large Cimbria cyclofans.

One large Weishaupt RL7 Burner for commercial Cimbria dryer, with modulating Witromat 'D' LAL controler and control panel (box). (with wiring diagrams).

It should be noted that everything in the grainstore was overbuilt and designed to be capable of being emergency stopped, and started again while full.


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