This proved the worth of having the drier and particularly the dresser.

We started by cutting the headlands and poorer areas of beans, in case it becomes impossibly wet.

What was coming in from the combine was 23% - normally not a problem... unless it looks like this !

It saves a lot of shovelling later if you leave some clean dry in the pit and tip the dirty wet on top like this.

The beans themselves were only 19% and the rubbish was making it stick to the 60 degree slopes in the grainstore. 

It went into the drier and then through the dresser, before being fed back in with the wet stuff to assist in flow.

The following show the difference between what had been through and taken down to 16%, and the stuff it was being mixed with from the combine to go through again.

Dry beans land in the bottom of the pit while wet on the left gradually gets mixed in.

Note the difference in flow angle when compared with the handrail behind, which happens to be about the angle that wheat achieves at 17%.

Dried and cleaned beans going on top of wet in the drier header tank.

Rubbish coming out of the dresser.......

.......which ends up in the rubbish trailer.

It will go through again quickly in three days to take it to 14.5% moisture.

I think we would have really struggled without this equipment.


These items are available from 10/9/17.

Purchasers would need to pay 30% with order, and the remainder before collection .


Two 21 ft diameter Bentall Simplex (now Bentall Rowlands) Galvanized outdoor storage bins.      Approx 200 tonnes each. 

Complete with Ladders, Access hatches, ventilation floors, air ducts, sweep auger. 

Already professionally dismantled, packaged, and ready to erect. Good condition. 

1500 each + VAT. Ex yard.


One 42ft long x 6" diameter transmatic auger on trolley, with tipping hopper (hopper needs small repair).  7.5 kw 3 phase motor with on board starter and electrics. Similar to transmatic Mayrath, it has the motor mounted a quarter of the way up effectively driving two augers which are linked next to the motor. Could be easily dismantled for transport by buyer.

500 + VAT. Ex yard.


Three 1 metre diameter 3 phase building extractor fans with frame mounts. Cut a 1m round hole in a building and mount.

One 2 ft diameter 3 phase building extractor fan.

Two 25kw motors with fans to fit large Cimbria cyclofans.

One large Weishaupt RL7 Burner for commercial Cimbria dryer, with modulating Witromat 'D' LAL controler and control panel (box). (with wiring diagrams).

 Various Carrier drive heads for conveyors and elevators, spare chain, buckets, box sections.


Westrup SAB1250 cleaner with a selection of seives for cereals, beans and OSR. Three phase. Preclean standard or Intervention standard at about 30 tph. Seed at about 10 tph. Complete with  Aspirator, large Cyclone, and seives, some of which were renewed during the last three years. 

(Current new price around 31K, -  10,000. + VAT ex yard)


18m surface mounted Parkerfarm / Weightron / Bilanciai Heavy Duty Weighbridge, with three readout heads, one of which is also a printer. Requires 13" high steel or concrete ramps. Never been used as a public weighbridge, but until three years ago was plated and tested as such. Weighs up to 50 tonnes, (can also be set to do 80 tonnes because of the strength of the bridge ) - normally to the nearest 20kg. However with the press of a few buttons on the Vishay readout head it can be set to the nearest 2kg, as it was tested to, and so can be also used for pallets and packages.

(Current new price around 17.5K + 4K to 5K for delivery fitting and testing.  10,000.00 + VAT ex yard.)


Vertec VT7600 Continuous flow Grain Dryer. 3phase. Kero fired. Extractor fans and indoor dust cladding. (currently outside though). Seven sections with lower one,two or three (adjustable) for cooling. Automatic moisture controler (no longer used - prefer to use manually for economy). Has transport wheels and drawbar which we used to bring it 13 miles to here having removed the top section. Fitted with all new 'triangle' Air Ducts in 2010 . (comes with a further 25 spare new ducts). 5000+VAT ex yard.


Carrier HO9 bucket elevator - up to 60 tph. 20' long. Industrial.

Carrier HO9 bucket elevator - up to 60 tph. 38' long. Industrial. 

Carrier Industrial 8" x 11" chain and flight conveyor 85' long - fitted with plastic floor runner, inlet and three outlets.

Carrier 8" x 8" chain and flight 'double' conveyor - supply to and excess return from dryer.

One Industrial 14" elevator 46' long, - can handle around 60 tph with current motors and chain driven gearboxes. Originally handled about double that with more buckets. Some spare new buckets.

One Industrial  16" elevator 38' long,- can handle around 60 tph with current motors and chain driven gearboxes. Originally handled about double that with more buckets. Some spare new buckets.

One industrial chain and flight conveyor. 12" x 12" x 85ft. More box and chain available.

The system was designed for 60 tph, but ran mostly at 30 to 50 tph, except the intake and loading bay. The intake was nearly always at 60 tph, and the loading bay can be fed from two sources, so occasionally could do 120 tph, but you had to be awake when it came to shutting it off !  Lorries are loaded on the weighbridge so could be filled to whatever weight the drivers the nearest 20 kg.

Three 24' round outdoor grain storage bins. Marketed here by Massey Fergusson, but made by Ideal in the US. Here assembled seven bands high to hold around 220 tonnes of wheat each when flat bottomed, and fitted inside a building. However we have the other sections to to make them up to their original height, nine bands high, about 280 tonnes each. With ladders and access doors. 2000 each + VAT ex yard - dismantled and loaded.

Three 12" Astwell commercial unloading augers made to fit the above bins , with 5.5kw motors. Capable of well in excess of 60 tonnes per hour. These augers are made to handle difficult crops like peas and beans, so have 1/2" clearance between the auger flights and the tube. Flights are 5mm thick. Bearings on both ends. Flow is finely adjustable with large slides in the bin operated from outside by winding a handle via 20mm threaded bar. Seriously 'built'. Tripple SPZ belt drive in case bits of combine, etc, ended up in there jamming the auger - better to burn belt than motor. 

Three more 5.8m lengths of the same Astwell auger and tube, which was never made into augers due to not erecting the other three bins.

One Caterpillar Olympian GEP175 - 175 kva canopied generator. 175 kva Continuous @ 50 hz. Engine 8.7 litres 1306.9TG2 running @ 1500 rpm.  Length 4.9m.  Width 1.3m.  Height 1.88m. Weight approx 3 tonnes. Internal fuel tank holds 550 litres. ( enough for approx 13.5 hours at full power) . The grainstore was operated by this, and could use up to 99 kva with everything turned on, so it's never been entirely streched ! Never missed a beat. Was a hospital stand by generator  - fully canopied - silent clad.     only 2057 hours. 11,000.00 + VAT ex yard loaded.

It should be noted that everything in the grainstore was overbuilt and designed to be capable of being emergency stopped, and started again while full.


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