Steiger Tiger IV KP 525 


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  • Steiger Tiger Series IV   KP 525. 1986. 
  • 4272 hours
  • Twin 800 x 32, 90%. 
  • 24 speed.  6 speed powershift with four ranges. 
  • 6 Cyl,  525 bhp Cummins 19 litre engine (original factory tuned version)
  • Late Series IV heavy duty Raba Axles (Series III Raba axles would only take the 470 bhp engine)
  • Sadly Tigers were never Safety Cab Approved for Europe, therefore this is really for sale in the USA, Australia, (or UK with owner driver only). There is also the small problem in the UK of the 15' 11" width on the road !              Still an enthusiast wishing to completely solve any parking problems around town...............
  • One owner driver and son from new. (seriously stunning condition)
  • Price - P.O.A. (price can be FOB Boston, delivered within USA, or delivered anywhere)
  • However I'm seriously toying with the idea of not selling it, and just bringing it here. Boys with their toys.....

          For those who apparently follow these pages closely

          Latest news - it's in Boston waiting to be shipped - very exciting - can't wait to    play with toy. 

       But..........People in Australia and Denmark also want to play with it and worse,   

       they are making financially pleasing sounds.   Oh dear - dunnowattodo - dunnowattodo ! 



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