FW 60 420 Automatic

There's something weird about FW 60 Autos and this place.

This is the rarest animal that we sell, because there are only 21 of the original 29 left in the UK.

They turn up about every four years, but always in pairs !

One left last week, - the same one that this one paired through the workshop in Jan 2001.

So Andy - if you read this - Do you want another ?

They clearly can't bear to be apart !


Back again next week for it's third visit in 21 years, is this beauty.

For sale but with other wheel options and a new air seat. 

(keeping these wheels and the seat)



Awaiting Collection in May 2015 after an extensive rebuild which took over four months.

Final checks

Top of the range electronic active ride seat in Alcantara

At over 3700 retail, one of the most expensive we have ever been asked to fit.

Interior finished in grey Alcantara matching the seat

Engine rebuild nearing completion.

Work done by son Jack, which made one of the quietest and smoothest 

running Cummins I have ever heard.

Delivery day last time

A clue as to what it was built to have behind it, 

may be deduced from what is in front of it.....

Rebuilt to the client's bespoke specifications.

- and it's even coming back next week on the same lorry !


  • FW 60 420 Auto. 
  • 1986
  • Probably the last made of the 21 Autos left in the UK.
  • Various Wheel options are available .
  • Rebuilt 6 Cyl 420 bhp Cummins, 14.0 litre engine.
  • Fitted with silencer and stainless exhaust system.
  • Mixture of LED and Standard lighting to give good lighting spread at night.
  • Interior is finished in mid grey Alcantara.- gives more light to an normally dark interior.
  • Visited us last in 2015.
  • P.O.A. depends on wheels chosen.

Tel. 01677 422158 
              Skype 0044 (0)1133 281581 
Mob. 07710 287147 


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