Journal of Applied Systems Studies (JASS)


Aims and Scope of the JASS

The mission of the Journal of Applied Systems Studies is on the development of methodologies based on the laws and rules of various sciences. New designs and functional methodologies are composed for applications in business, operational and social, as well as biological phenomena. The objectives of the Journal of Applied Systems Studies are to widespread the science of systems and present the research and application results of its domain. As the science rapidly changes and grows, resources and time become more precious, "Journal of Applied Systems Studies" provides the very best information and analysis to keep up to date with the latest developments and approaches to other scientific domains, through the application of systems approaches upon them. The Journal of Applied Systems Studies aims to:

  • To provide a forum for the exchange of experiences and information of studying the systems and the methodologies, tools and products used to design, measure and achieve it.
  • To promote awareness of the crucial role of systems studies in the effective construction of the information systems developed, used, and/or maintained by organizations in pursuit of their business objectives.
  • To provide a vehicle for the publication of academic papers related to all aspects of soft and hard system approaches.

The "Journal of Applied Systems Studies" addresses all aspects of systemic analysis from both a practical and an academic viewpoint. It invites contributions from practitioners and academics, as well as national and international policy, standard making bodies, and sets out to be the definitive international reference source for such information. The readership of the "Journal of Applied Systems Studies" consists of academics, systems managers, computer scientists, information scientists, and researchers in applied system theory, as well as those involved in management, operations and political science in different scientific discipline i.e. Universities, Consulting Firms, Enterprises and Industries.

Topics of interest to JASS include, but are not limited to:
· Applications of cybernetics using the viable system model
· Applications of interactive planning methodology
· Applications of soft systems methodology
· Applied cybernetics in medicine
· Applied living systems
· Cognitive patterns
· Complex systems
· Conceptual systemic models
· Control systems
· Critical systems thinking
· Culture of peace
· Decision support systems
· Dynamical systems approaches
· Electronic service systems (Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Deltanet)
· Human-centered systems
· Human-computer interaction
· Intelligent systems engineering
· Intelligent tutoring systems
· Knowledge based systems
· Knowledge ecology
· Law systems
· Multimedia systems
· Problem structuring approaches
· Project management using systemic approaches
· Religious systems
· Semiotic approaches
· Social systems design
· Systemic metaphors
· Systemic reengineering
· Systems - metasystems and decisions - metadecisions
· Systems and design education
· Systems approaches for information systems
· Systems thinking for total quality management
· Total systems intervention
· Virtual communities

We seek papers that improve on the best academic research or the best practical applications. Submitted papers should be motivated by the problems they address with compelling examples from real or potential applications. Systems papers must contain either a new methodology or interpreted results through well known methodology (ies) on real systems or simulations based on representative traces from real systems. Proposals for special issues, especially on emerging topics, are also welcome.

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