Draft contemporary motion on Education

A world class education system for all

Conference notes:

1. The 6 August Sunday Telegraph report that the Tories plan more grammar schools.

2. The dramatic decline in GCSE grade results, published on 25 August.

3. The government continues to cut education funding - for schools, higher, further and adult education - whilst increasing the costs placed on students.

4. Dismantling the public provision of education has speeded up since 2010. Democratic accountability is being removed and, despite the government retreat on forced academisation, increasing resources are disproportionately directed to academies/Free Schools.

Conference believes:

1. Education is a collective good that benefits, not just individual pupils/students, but also society as a whole. It is central to economic development and quality of life.

2. The Coalition and Tories in government have severely undermined the education system.

3. Labour should propose the building of a national education service, open to all throughout their lives.

4. A goal should be for all young people to acquire the skills necessary for work.

5. That more privatisation or increasing selection, academies and grammar schools would further weaken the education system.

6. Labour should plan for decent schools for all with class sizes of under 30.

7. Free tertiary education should be progressively restored, including abolishing tuition fees and restoring student maintenance grants.

8. Instead of the Tories undermining teachers and democratic accountability, Labour should consult with education trade unions and parents on the reforms necessary to deliver a world class education system.

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