Past "Quotes of the Month"

"Polly Toynbee wonders whether Clegg was 'venal or just a political idiot'. If we used language like that in the Labour Party, we wouldn't be allowed to vote" - Letter in The Guardian.

''In 1797 a shocked magistrate, Patrick Colquhoun, calculated that a pawnbroker's 3 pence loan could accrue an interest rate of 850%. In 2014 Wonga offered loans at nearly 6,000%. Wonga's website describes 1,509% as 'representative'" - Prof. Rebecca Earle, Guardian, 8 Sep 2016

"The MPs who voted no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn, and then voted for his challenger in the leadership election, set a massive example of deselection politics at the highest level of the party. They cannot now protest if other party members stand against them for selection in their own constituency parties" - letter from James Marc Leas, who follows UK politics, clearly very astutely, from Vermont, USA, Guardian, 29 Sep 2016

"The answer is to build more affordable homes... In the old days, these were called council houses; the trouble is that councils aren't building houses" - Jonas Crosland, property sector expert, Investors' Chronicle, 30 Sep 2016

"If opposition to Trident is a 'surefire vote-loser', why has this not lost votes for the SNP? The SNP is as firmly opposed to Trident as Jeremy Corbyn" - letter in Guardian

"The findings from this study by the University of Oxford tell us once and for all - the more people benefit-sanctioned, the more people need food banks" - Trussell Food Bank Network, Guardian, 27 Oct 2016.

"A further Orgreave question demanding a public answer: why, as Tam Dalyell reported, was the head of MI5 there?" - Tom Dougan, Guardian, 5 Nov 2016.

"Syria has increasingly become a proxy war between global rivals, each unwilling to allow the other victory" - Glen Rangwala, Labour Briefing (LRC), November 2016.

"The Lucas Plan overcome the way in which wokrers and peace and environmental activists are set against each other by the capitalist system" - Dave King, Labour Briefing (Coop), November 2016.

"The Liverpudlian Paul Nuttall of Ukip tries to make out that Jeremy Corbyn is an 'out of touch metropolitan figure'. Jeremy Corbyn reportedly had an audience of some 5,000 when he recently spoke in Liverpool. Let's see how many Nuttall attracts to his Liverpool meetings" - CLPD official statement, 1 December 2016.

"Focusing working-class anger on an even more marginalised group has been the default tactic of the ruling class for centuries" - Ruth Knox, Guardian, 5 December 2016.

"Let's see if Greens and Lib-Dems practise what they preach and stand down in Copeland, like they wanted us to do in Richmond Park, in support of a 'Progressive Alliance'. Let's also hear the same demand from Compass and the dire Guardian" - statement from CLPD, December 2016.

"CLPD has today awarded Ken Loach our unique New Year's Honour of a lifetime's honorary membership of CLPD, in recognition of Ken's awesome letter supporting Jeremy Corbyn published in the dire Guardian on 27 December. Details of the awards ceremony to follow" - CLPD Awards Sub-committee, 1 January 2017.

"Fat Cat Wednesday (4 January). After just two and a half days Britain's top bosses passed the UK average salary of £28,200 by around mid-day" - High Pay Centre. Six in ten employees identify CEO pay as an issue which demotivates them at work.

"Being an MP is a public service. It is not like other jobs... Accepting the role of MP implies giving up the right to walk away..." - Fiona Twycross, London Assembly member, Labour List, 16 January 2017.

"The unremitting wrecking strategy of the Blairites only confirms the very low opinion most Party members have of those interlopers. They are now up to their necks in the dustbin of history. It is time (metaphorically) to close the lid and sit on the top" - CLPD statement, 17 January 2017.

"The total amount paid out by banks for various malfeasances since the financial crisis stands at £250bn and rising... Despite these offences, banks have been the big beneficiaries of quantitative easing... City bonuses will be good this year" - Larry Elliott, The (dire) Guardian, 30 January 2017.