18 April 2017: message from CLPD Secretary and Labour NEC member Peter Willsman about Theresa May's call for a snap General Election on 8 June 2017

The Tories are playing political games and breaking their word and the purpose of the five year old rule they brought in! They are running for cover because they know the Brexit negotiations will be a disaster. The Tories are also running scared because the police are after them for dodgy expenses claims at the last General Election. A large number of cases are likely to end up in court. May is desperate to avoid the scandal. There is a strong case for saying that our Party should not go along with their pathetic games. Nevertheless, whenever the election takes place, the voters will not be fooled and our party, the largest in Western Europe, will confound the doom mongers and naysayers and all our implacable enemies in the press and media. Jeremy personifies integrity and principle. We can look forward to a Labour Government that will permanently change the UK for the better. If we are united and work flat out, our Government will even better our Party's achievements in 1945-51!

Thanks to Ben Goldacre for this graph of NHS spending.

General Election points worth noting

Theresa May and her "British values"

"Trust and cooperation is made harder, not easier, when the government casts a wide net of suspicion over the entire Muslim community" - Myriam François, Guardian, 5 June 2017.