19 February 2018

Top priority. Model emergency resolution for CLPs

Please get an emergency motion along the following lines sent to the Party Leader and NEC from CLPs

This CLP is appalled and disgusted that seven MPs elected by Labour voters have rejected our party and crossed the floor to assist our opponents. Every party member and every Labour voter is fully aware that only a majority Labour government can address the enormous problems that have piled up in our communities, especially as a result of the vicious policy of austerity. This is the platform on which those seven stood for Parliament in 2017 and they have betrayed their pledge and their voters.

The Labour Party is a broad church, in which a diverse range of views participate and are welcome. As the objective is to form a government implementing a Labour agenda, the party inevitably has to unite around its agreed policies and the leadership it has elected. Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership the party's priority is to end Tory austerity and improve people's lives.

This CLP believes that the seven MPs should uphold democratic principles and stand down from Parliament and put their views to the voters.

This CLP also firmly believes that unity within the Party and within the wider Labour movement is paramount. Our CLP is confident that throughout our Movement everyone will redouble their efforts to achieve a majority Labour government with policies that will properly address the major faults and inequalities in our society – as Labour did in 1945.

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