The Chernobyl Disaster

26th April. 1986 Reactor No.4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear power station in the Ukraine exploded, causing 70% of the radioactive contamination  (90 times worse than Hiroshima or Nagasaki) to fall on the neighbouring country of Belarus, contaminating nearly a quarter of its land area and affecting almost a quarter of its population, including 400,000 children.

In the years following the radioactive contamination from the disaster, young children began to contract cancer of the thyroid gland.  This type of cancer is very aggressive and soon spreads to other parts of the body if not dealt with.  The operation to remove the thyroid is relatively straightforward but complete removal requires the patient to take drugs for a considerable time afterwards but sufficient quantities of the drugs are not always available.

Young children in puberty were considered most at risk.  Their bodies are growing quickly at that age and as a result absorb radioactivity more quickly. 

It was considered by medical authorities that to remove children in puberty away from the constant low level radiation in which they live, for periods up to four weeks, would help to reduce the amount of radiation in their bodies and strengthen their immune systems so that they would be more able to withstand infection and disease, especially during the harsh winter months.

Objects of the Charity
To relieve the sickness of children affected by radiation following the explosion at  the Chernobyl Nuclear power plant and to provide such aid as is appropriate, and  To advance the 
education of children from the Republic of Belarus

This Charity is dedicated to helping the children of Belarus who are the innocent victims of the Chernobyl disaster.  Since 1994 we have been bringing children from the Chernobyl contaminated regions for recuperative visits of four weeks.  This helps to remove radio-active contamination from their bodies and strengthen their immune systems, which helps them to resist disease and infection .

The charity funds the Transportation to England, a one month holiday with a host family in the Didcot area, lots of day trips, medical check-ups at the John Radcliffe hospital and visits to a local optician and dentist.

2nd Didcot Scouts ~ Medicine & Chernobyl (Didcot)
Dear leaders, parents, guardians, beavers, cubs, scouts, ventures, brownies, guides, girls brigade, church congregations, local schools, businesses and individuals, we invite you to help us support the Didcot branch of the charity called 'Medicine & Chernobly' (Didcot).  

This year, we have been asked to run this main fund raising activity, please help us to provide another wonderful, once in a lifetime holiday for ten more children from Belarus.  To help raise the funds required (Target £3,000) we will be hosting a sponsored walk in the Chiltern Hills on Sunday 16th May 2004, please select the sponsored walk link on the left hand side of this menu for more details

How our Sponsored Walk Money Will be Spent
The money raised at this event will directly support ten more children in the following ways; air fare; necessary clothes (shoes and underwear); group day trips: mini bus and coach hire; a one night scout camp at Youlbury. Please note that the host families, very generously, provide accommodation, food and care at no charge. So for one month, with children of a similar age, they become part of the family. At the beginning of the holiday they will also attend school with the host families children.

Typical Group Day Trips and Activities (arranged by Chernobl Committee)
Swimming at Hagbourne school, Pizza making at Domminoes, Mcdonnald’s, Didcot railway Centre, Bowling at Newbury, Wiggies world, Millet’s farm and Warwick castle

Typical Cub Camp Activities at Goring Heath Scout HQ
Games, sports, obstacle course, bbq, disco, falconer display, firework display, tramp hunt, slippery slide, cooking on wood fires, water fight etc (The children will join in with some of our cubs and scouts)  

For Further Information

Members of Youth Organizations, please contact your own Leaders
regarding start times and transport arrangements

Other Walkers (Churches, Schools. Families, Businesses, Individuals etc)
Please Phone Donna:(01235) 811165 or Mandy:(01235) 212213
 Dennis Hammond : (01235) 811394