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Farewell to Hampshire Rose

R.N.L.B. The Hampshire Rose

These pictures of the departure of "R.N.L.B. The Hampshire Rose" tell their own story.

She came into service in 1975, having been donated by the people of Hampshire.   She was replaced by the Atlantic 21 rigid inshore craft in 1990 and served as a relief vessel until finally retired in 1992..

During that time she was launched 146 times and saved 59 lives.

Dressed overall

The vessel was dressed overall for the occasion, with crowds of local people gathered to bid her farewell.


The Dover lifeboat stood offshore, also dressed overall, to escort her away.

The slipway

Walmer lifeboat was one of the only boats to be beach-launched.  She slid into the sea over oiled wooden baulks.

Splash down

Splash down!  "Hampshire Rose" enters the water off Walmer for the last time.

Poised on the stocks

Poised on the stocks, her chains holding her fast, "The Hampshire Rose" awaits her final launching from Walmer Beach.


A short service was held before the launch, attended by the Mayor and the Vicar of Walmer.

The new craft awaits

The new craft, an Atlantic 21 inshore boat, waits in the water to pay her respects.

Sailing away

She sails away to join the waiting fleet of small boats that will escort her on the first part of her journey to Wales.

Final farewell

The crew wave farewell to the crowds on the beach as she heads down the Channel towards Dover.