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Snaith Primary School

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I'm an old lady now
I'm an Egyptian
We are just a few of the Thinking Things. We appear in all sorts of different ways throughout this site. Enjoy working with us.
I'm George II
I'm not Tony Blair
I'm a Viking Queen
I'm Julia

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This page and its children tell something about our school. It is something that we will develop more actively in the coming years.

We want to use the Internet in an imaginative way, hence our curriculum pages already completed ( there will be many more as we develop ways of using ICT with the 2000 Curriculum revision).  

Keep coming back here.  If you do happen to use our pages at school , please let us know ...  by using our feedback form

We didn't want our site to  mention Governors, Ofsted etc .... we want our children to USE it to access the Internet whether they have a computer at home or not.

The most FAQ in our Guestbook is 'where exactly is Snaith' ? Quite a few people think it's in Dominica ... well ... we are an English Primary School, situated in the County of East Yorkshire ... about halfway up the east side of England. You can visit the schools own website here

Producing and maintaining a website takes a great deal of time. This site has been written FOR our children ( and anyone else that finds it useful ). We have now started to modernise the site starting with our Ancient Greece section which now offers virtual 360o tours of Olympia. This gives you views of the original Olympic stadium and the Temple of Zeus. We will continue to add to this section by using resources that we have gathered from our recent trip to Greece.

Webmaster  Derek / Daniel Allen

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