The Fifth Sun


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To help children focus on the material in each section, you might use our printed material.  What you make of each section is up to you and your teaching objectives.

At Snaith Primary School we use a computer simulation called

"Landmarks -  Aztecs" published by Longman Logotron in the UK which allows the children to 'converse' with a little Aztec girl called Jade Doll. This supplements nicely the 'information' on our web pages. Further information can be found here. You can order by email!!

We also have available a set of notes based on the QCA History non-statutory Scheme of Work ( Non-European civilization ) but rewritten in Aztec terms.  This is written in Microsoft Word format. Click here to download ( 64k )

We've made some worksheets too ... we've tried printing from both Netscape and IE4 and they seem to work OK. Use the Back button on your browser to return here after viewing or printing.

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New : Now download in WORD format (160K) ... click here.

In addition , you can find the Story of Ixtaccihuatl in the stories section of this site.

In the myths section you will find the story of the fifth sun and the story of Mictlan presented WITH 'worksheets'

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