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This is the correct time line ...

1002 King Aethelred marries Emma of Normandy.
1002 King Aethelred orders all Danish men to be killed.
1002 Pallig Forkbeard is killed.
1003 Svein Forkbeard brings his army to avenge his brother's death.
1005 Svein Forkbeard takes his army back to Denmark because of famine .
1013 Svein comes back with his son Canute ... to conquer England .
1013 Aethelred is defeated and escapes to Normandy .
1014 Svein dies, Aethelred defeats Canute and is King again. Canute escapes to Denmark.
1016 Aethelred dies and Edmund becomes King.
1016 Canute defeats Edmund at the Battle of Ashingdon.
1016 Canute is King of the Danelaw and Edmund is allowed to be King of Wessex.
1016 Edmund dies and Canute takes over the whole country.
1017 Canute marries Emma of Normandy.
1018 Canute's brother, the King of Denmark dies... Canute becomes King of Denmark as well.
1019 Canute captures Norway and becomes King there too.
1020 Scotland agrees to let Canute be King.
1035 Canute dies .. he is forty years old. Harald becomes King
1040 Harald dies, Harthacnut becomes King.
1042 Harthacnut dies, Edward becomes King.
1066 Edward dies, Harold becomes King.
1066 Harold is shot in the eye at the Battle of Hastings and dies, William becomes King.

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