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The Aztecs controlled a huge empire. They made the people pay them taxes or tributes. Each city was sent a list of what they must pay.  If they didn't pay ... the Aztecs attacked. 

As the Aztecs didn't have writing the tribute list was a kind of picture.  The pictures showed how many of each kind of object the Emperor required.

Fingers showed 1 to 10

A flag showed 20

A feather showed 400

Sometimes the Emperor wanted blankets, pineapples, urns, bowls, honey ... even suits of clothes.               

If you aren't clear what the Emperor wants .... have a guess.


1- Either a dot or a finger represents the number one.
2- Ten masks of worked stone.
3- Twenty bags of dye (cochineal).
4- One hundred bags of cacao.
5- Twenty baskets holding one thousand six hundred ground cacao nibs each.
6- Twenty (flag).
7- Four hundred (a feather).
8- Eight thousand (a bag).
9- Four hundred bales of cotton.
10- Four hundred jars of honey.
11- Eight thousand leaf bundles of copal gum.
12- Four hundred and two cotton baskets.