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When the Vikings arrived they built settlements. They gave their settlements names.

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I live in Scunthorpe
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These Vikings  settled in England. Can you work out who lived where?
Malti  Gigel
Aislac Boltr
Hlackande Gunnar
Klithr Melsan
Over the years some of the village names have changed. But you can still have a good guess.

lived at Giggleswick

lived at Maltby

lived at Melsonby

lived at Lackenby

lived at Gunnerside

lived at Aisalby

lived at Clitheroe

lived at Boltby

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You've got the idea now so why not have a try at making up your own Viking place names?

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Advanced information.

You can find a fascinating list of the origin of place names at the North East England History Site.

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