I'm hot


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O then into fury the stranger he grew,
And gave him a blackening look,

And with it a blow that laid him full low,
And tunbld him into the brook.

'I prithee, good fellow, O where art thou now?'
The stranger, in laughter, he cry'd;

Quoth bold Robin Hood, 'Good faith, in the flood',
And floating along with the tide.

I needs must acknowledge thou art a brave soul;
With thee I'll no longer contend;

For needs must I say, thous hast won the day,
Our battle shall be at an end.

Then unto the bank he did presently wade,
And pulld himself out by a thorn;

Which done, at the last, he blowd a loud blast
Straitway on his fine bugle-horn.

The eccho of which through the vallies did fly,
At which his stout bowmen appeard,

All clothd in green, most sure to be seen;
So up to their master they steerd.

'O what's the matter?' quoth William Stutely;
'Good master, you are wet to the skin:'
'No matter,' quoth he; 'the lad which you see,

In fighting, hath tumbld me in.'

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