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A birdTitleA bird


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Visit 8 British seaside resorts.
Will you need to wear a coat?

Dave, Darleen, Mum, Dad and Uncle Eric take a coach trip to Blackpool.  Join them on the beach for a day out .... just like yours.


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uptower.jpg (3143 bytes)   I can use my brolly as a parachute.

Take a trip to the top of Blackpool Tower. A 360 degree panorama. What different kinds of uses for land can you find?

For Teacher: If you don't know Blackpool, there's a map and 'stills' in here to help you interpret the panorama.


Come back in time. Can you match YOUR old photographs to these and try to find a 'date' for them?

Uncle Eric

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Click here for a slide show

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If you want to PRINT the photos click on me


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Eric in shorts

Let's try and find somewhere more EXOTIC and warmer!!


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DIY Seaside Kit. Click on Uncle Eric to drag and drop your own beach scene.