The Princess

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Nevertheless, Sky Lord realized that his lovely daughter needed a mother who was as royal as he. He looked high and low and finally found a lady dressed in iridescent blues and greens like a peacock. This lovely lady lit up his face and made it happy and starry-eyed again. Her name was Returning Beauty.
However, this lovely lady was vain and pompous. She knew she was of royal blood and she was beautiful. She also knew that Ixtaccihuatl was beneath her regal station. Nearby, there was a magic mirror. (We would call the mirror, Lake Texcoco) Returning Beauty would preen in front of the mirror every day.
One day, as she was admiring her glistening clothes, she asked the mirror, "Mirror, who is the most beautiful of all?" She did not really expect an answer, and the mirror said nothing. But Returning Beauty saw the image of Ixtaccihuatl in the mirror. She raged across the sky until she met the Hunter, Orion. He would help her destroy Ixtaccihuatl.

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