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Here be Dragons Which is a myth, which is a fable, which is a legend?
a traditional story based on truth but which has had bits added
a traditional story of gods or heroes which tries to explain why people or things are like they are
a short story which has been written to give a message

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I will take you to myths of mystery.

To Legends

I will take you to some traditional stories.

To Fables

I will take you to fables of pure delight.

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If you are leaving us please sign our guestbook. The children will be so pleased.

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There are 32 more Folk Tales at our Eurotales site. These are also written in English, Welsh, Gaelic, Catalan, Finnish, Latvian, Greek & German!!

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You can find more stories at
Planetoz Kids. Click on the picture to go there.

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Is back on line!! Sixteen more super stories here.

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