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So where are the Vikings now? Did they disappear? The answer is that the Vikings are very much alive today ... they are not called Vikings anymore, but their ancestors certainly were. Here's a look at where you can find some 'interesting' vikings today.

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The first lady Norwegian Cabinet Minister

Icelanders at a Scout Jamboree

Mrs Berg was the first Norwegian Cabinet Minister These Icelanders are coming to help at a 'Jamboree'.

Vikings from Denmark

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The National Gymnastics team from Denmark Astrid Lindgren wrote some lovely books about Pippi Longstocking. Visit the Website.

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The Swedish Royal Family

Tove Jansson wrote stories about the Moomins.  If you have Shockwave ... visit Moominland. Here are some Royal Vikings. Meet the Royal family of Sweden.

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Look in the mirror. Find yourself a mirror and have a good look in it. You are most likely a descendent of the Vikings. They explored and settled in many parts of the world.  You may be English, French, Russian, Turkish, Spanish ... but the Vikings settled in your country. The face that you see MIGHT be the face of the Great, great, great ......... grandson or grandaughter of a Viking