Battle-shirts also called
Guerrilla-shirts or Over-shirts:
Known Guerrillas

There are some photos posted below which are possibly not photos of guerrillas but just guerrilla photos but they have been posted as those of guerrillas so I have included them so you can see them & do your own research on them if you so wish.

Links to large photos and a small biography page 1.

William H. Stuart                 William T. Anderson                William T. Anderson              Jesse Woodson James

George William Maddox             George William Maddox                  William Hulse                            William Hulse          

Allen Hazard Parmer               Clark L. Hockensmith            Clark L. Hockensmith                    Thomas Maupin   

Links to large photos and a small biography page 2.

Francis Marion Poole                  Silas M. Gordon                      William Landrum                     William Bassman  

           Unknown                 Stephen Cassin Sweeney                       Unknown                                Unknown         

William M. Watson                        Unknown                          John Taylor Hughes                        Unknown         

Links to large photos and a small biography page 3.

  Unknown                                Unknown                   Marcellus Jerome Clarke                      Unknown

Alexander Franklin James                     Unknown                        Andrew McGuire                    Benjamin Broomfield