16th Tennessee Volunteer
Infantry Regiment:
Original Members

        I have attempted to find illustrations of any type of the original members of the Regiment what follows is all that I have managed to find to date.  As the end you will find the Colour Guard from Perryville from which four of them have originated, and the group photo from which another has come.
        The highest rank that the person reached has been used, and please be aware that while dominated by officers they had a height casualty rate and many of these officers started as privates.
        I have had reference to other illustrations but as yet have not manage to track them down.  If you have, or know, where these illustrations are, or can confirm that any from the group photo are from the Regiment please inform me.  
        With time there will be links to as many photos as possible.  All illustrations will have a short biography, some very short.
        Very few of the pictures illustrated here have a date for when they were taken so it should be noted that while some of these illustrations were taken during the war many others were taken post-war.  Some of those shown died as late as 1932 so that if they look old they are and shouldn't be confused with re-enactors of the present day who are older than the very young men who were the soldiers of the time.
        The last surviving member of the unit was Private   Bluford  Lafayette  Scarlett, F Company, who died on the 20 January 1935, when he was 91.

Missing Illustrations

11 July 2009


John H. Savage

Colonel                                    Lt Colonel

David M. Donnell                        Thomas B. Murray


Joseph H. Goodbar                             Harvey H.  Dillard


               James M. Parks          Lucien Napoleon Savage          W.(illiam) G.  Etter            James J. Womack       

        J. (H.) L Duncan                                                    Dury Clare Spurlock

                                                                 1st Lieutenants                                                                              

William Henry White                             Wright Smith Hackett                 Jesse Walling

2nd Lieutenants  

John Knox Bain                        Carroll Henderson Clark                     

Sergeant Major                    Sergeant                        2nd Sergeant                  5th Sergeant
Thomas Benton Potter            Milton M. Owen                  James C. Biles                 Joshua D. Phillips

 2nd Corporals

                                                        Robert C. Carden            Hugh Lawson Moffat(Moffitt Moffiet)                                             


   Henderson Pearson Kidd            Andrew Jackson Lacy            William Henderson Hugh(e)s

                         James Alexander Boyd                          Samuel Baker                                

                                                                          George E. Purvis                                                 Thomas Anthony Head                         
                                                                    Russell Lassiter Brown                                            Jackson Van Buren Brown

   Benjamin Rowland     Tennessee Monroe Hooper     Richard Wallace McGinniss     John Rippetoe Bullington

                                        John Payton Mayberry (Maberry)                            Jeremiah D. Killian               John Madison Rayburn

  David Walcott                Pleasant M. Wassom                James Albert Poff                 George T. Brown

                                  William John Thomas Passons         William F. Grimsley           John W. McConnell    Hiram Taylor Kersey (Kearsy Keirsey Kersy)

Perryville Colour Guard

Veterans Re-union