Figure Wargaming

        I have been wargaming for over 30 years. In those days we used rules by Charles Grant, Donald Featherstone, and Tony Bath. Then came Wargames Research Group and I progressed from 3rd - 7th edition Ancients and 1st and 2nd edition Renaissance. When Neville Dickinson took over Miniature Figurines the figures were re-modeled and ceased to be 25mm blobs and started to look like miniature people. Minifigs then brought out 15mm and all of a sudden more realistic battles could be fought. There were very few books hardly any figure manufacturers and none of what we now have as a wargaming industry.
     In those days, lack of money allowed the purchases of few commercial metal figures. 'Pirating' figures for your own use became the answer for this you made a Mold. Some existing figure manufacturers started out this way. Take my word for it - I showed them how to do it. As a step on from this, some of my friends and I started making original figures which I cast. Some of these we sold, and a few can still seen in action around the wargames shows.
        There were of course plastic 'Airfix' figures. Most of us 'old timers' at some stage have had their Romans, Ancient Britons, etc. I even had an army of Sarmations, customized from the top half of a Roman archer bottom half of a US cavalryman. Armour was added where required with modeling clay hardened with a covering of aeroplane dope. The only masters that I produce at the moment are a few 1-600th scale ACW warships for Peter Pig.
        As we have entered the millennium I now use Hordes of the Things; De Bellis Antiquitatis; and De Bellis Renationis. All three allow for between two and eight of us to pop to the pub for a game of up to three hours most Monday nights. Pub: The Brunswick, Richmond Park Road, Charminster, Bournemouth, Dorset. All are welcome.
        +I have over the years helped various people produce army lists and am the co-author of NAVWAR's 5mm Ancient Period Rules. I have for my own use a set of 1-600th ACW  Naval Rules