A weekend with the 16th Tennessee       

        We in Southern Skirmish Association pride ourselves on being the best American Civil War society outside of the United States, and the 16th Tennessee best within the Society.  To maintain this we need new recruits.
        We offer to you the following:
     1) Tuition in musket safely and drill.
     2) Tuition in Infantry tactics as used during the American Civil War.
     3) Assistance in furthering your knowledge of the 'War Between The States'.
     4) Advice in obtaining your uniform, accoutrements and musket, either secondhand or from Sutlers who attend the shows.
We would expect you:
     1) To obtain as soon as possible your shotgun certificate and black powder license.
     2) To be as well equipped as possible one year after joining.
     3) To attend as many events as possible.
     4) To contribute a yearly subscription to the Company.
     5) To learn the Company marching song 'The (Tennessee) Girl I left Behind Me.'
        If you are interested in SoSkAn contact us, telling us your measurements.  With these we will arrange clothing, equipment and a tent to sleep in.  The clothing will be a mixture of 'butternut' and gray, the equipment odds and ends to match. All we ask is that you turn up for a weekend and so dressed and equipped you'll be expected to drill and do any duties required of you.  (If you are unable to join us in the living history camp there is a family camp for those who wish to bring their wives and children.)
After your time with us we hope to send you home with gun smoke in your eyes, the sounds of 'Dixie' ringing in your ears and the taste of our home cooking in your mouth.  Oh! and hopefully a longing to do it all over again.