Wendy's colour page

All painted in water colours on 140 pound weight paper.

The latest in Wendy's paintings using the battle flag, with Micah Jenkins dominant and small pictures of many currently in the unit.



The Palmetto Sharpshooters flag draped over an antique directors chair. Kepi, tin mug, and bugle. With English style brogans.

Wooden chair draped with Confederate Battle Flag. Pewter flask, oil lamp, telescope, gloves.
With genuine beaver fur hat.

Wooden chair draped with the South Carolina State Flag. Belt with cap box, kepi, water bottle and cartridge box. With circa 1900 open backed banjo.

The before the battle ball with the officers dancing their ladies in their crinolines. First National and Battle Flags in the background.

There is alsoWendy's Sepia Page  of still life paintings.