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10th Jan. 7.30pm Goytre Village Hall Talk by Richard Jones IBRA ."Better information makes for Better Beekeeping"
14th Feb. 7.30pm Goytre Village Hall Roger Houlday talks about "GM. the pros &cons for Beekeeperes"
19th.Feb     The first Beginners course in 2002
26th.Feb     Second of the Beginners Courses
12th.Mar      Beginners course
14h.Mar 7.30pm Goytre Improving your stock by Gordon Hartshorn
19th.Mar     Beginners course
5th&12thMar     Beginners course
19th&26th.Mar     Beginners course
23rd.Mar     WBKA convention at Builth
11th. April 7.30pm Goytre Nuclear Power by Don Streatfield
21st .April 2.15pm  Apiary Spring Management
27th .April   Stoneleigh BBka Convention
9 th. May 7.30 Goytre Wounds & Honey with Dr. Rose Cooper
18th .May     Gloucester open day contact Jeff Bee 01454615845
19th .May 2.15pm Apiary Practical Swarm Prevention
25th. May 3.00pm Nat Museum of Wales Pam Gregory Bees and Plants
 2nd. June 2.15pm Apiary Queen Rearing
8th. June 10.00am to 5.00pm Hartbury college Queen rearing Cost 25. phone 01452 702132
8th. June 3.00pm Nat Museum of Wales Mike Reddy on Mediaeval Beekeeping
 9th. June 2.15pm Apiary Queen rearing (2)
10th June 7.00pm Tondu Bridgend Social
30th June      
16th.June 2.15pm Apiary Queen Rearing (3)
1st.-5th.July   Cardiff IBRA 6th. European Bee Conference
7th. July   Cwmcarn Scenic Drive Open Day ( Graham needs help with our display)
12th-14th July                 Devon BKA biennial conference at Seale-Hayne College, Newton Abbot
21st. July 2.15pm Apiary Assessing the crop
3rd Aug     Llanthony Valley |Show
14th Aug     Tredegar House
18th.Aug 2.15pm Apiary Removing the crop and Varroa control
22nd Aug     Monmouth Agricultural Show
7th/8th.Sept     MSWCC
12th  Sept 7.30pm Goytre First winter meeting
14th.Sept     Usk Show
15th. Sept 2.15 Apiary Winter Preparations
21st Sept     Visit to Brewery (hic)
?Oct   tba Annual Dinner
23rd.Nov 2.15pm Goytre AGM. followed by a talk from Micheal Badger
12th.Dec 7.30pm goytre Brains Trust and Buffet
Please note that all Apiary meetings are weather dependant 
The National Honey Show of the UK -  With International Classes

The National Honey
Show of the UK



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