A Happy Christian Easter to all our readers and supporters. May you live in the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Donation Day

We have just heard from Pastor Santhosh that he has been awarded a government grant to build a residential hostel for the most severely disabled children at Asha Kiran Ashram.  This follows the government recognition of the centre last year, and is a huge testimony to the effectiveness of the centre in the short time that it has been running.  Santhosh is already buying materials and is discussing matters with potential builders.
Children being helped
The government grant will cover half the cost of the new building.  Santhosh has asked us if we can provide 300,000 Rupees (just over £4,000) towards the rest of the cost - he will raise the other 200,000 Rupees locally.  Can you help us with this, or with the increased running costs?