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Last updated - November 2020

The main aim of this site is to provide a source of information about Cairncrosses, for Cairncrosses everywhere.

Ideally, it should also be a forum for the two way transfer of interesting and relevant information. Information you feel should be added to this site could be sent direct to me, using my e-mail address.

Introduction by George Cairncross dated February 1992.

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There are 52 Cairncross family trees contained here, some going back to the 1680's, which are being updated continually. Click here to go straight to the family trees.

Cairncross Crests.

Click here to see 12 of these crests.

Cairncross in Sweden and Livonia.

Based on emails from Peter Zoege von Manteuffel in May 2019.
Click here to see the emails from Peter and to see the family tree.

It is with sadness I announce the death of Peter Zoege von Manteuffel on May 24, 2020. This was from an email from his widow Sigrid Von Manteuffel on Oct 15 2020.

Documents of interest.

These were sent by Dave Mitchell in January 2009, and are worth looking at.
Click here to see these documents.

Other family trees.

Added in 2014 are some other family trees which also link directly to my family. My mother's father was a Noster and her mother was a Russ. Click here to see the Noster family tree, and here to see the Russ family tree.

Appendix 1 - An interesting letter proving the existence of Aboriginal Cairncrosses.

Appendix 2 - Another letter written by Alexander Cairncross to his nephew in about 1690, makes interesting reading.

Appendix 3 - An article reproduced from 1931, by A. F. Cairncross, on the earliest historical references to the name Cairncross.

Appendix 4 - This time, from an article in 1905, Rev. T. S. Cairncross gives us the history of "A LOST HOUSE - CAIRNCROSS OF COLMSLIE".

Appendix 5 - Rev. J. I. C. Finnie has provided us with a fascinating note on the three towers at Colmslie, Glendearg and Langshaw.

Appendix 6 - There are comprehensive details of some notable Cairncrosses.

Appendix 7 - Andrew Cairncross's family have been stone masons for over 150 years. Read about his recollections of this working family.

Appendix 8 - Added in January 2002, is a reproduction of the Cairncross book named, History of a Forfarshire family.

Totally new in 2010, the well known book called "CAIRNCROSS - THE HISTORY OF A SCOTTISH FAMILY", written by Arthur Fawthrop Cairncross and Bertram Lilburne Cairncross. This was a massive effort, which I hope the reader will find interesting. Click here to see the book.

Photos - A number of interesting photos are included. Click here for the Photo gallery.

I also have reams of additional typed documents of a fascinating nature, which I have not been able to scan owing to the poor quality of the originals. It is my intention to type all this material the hard way, but it is going to take time.

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