Copy of a letter from Mr. O'Leary, Director of Native Affairs, William Street, Brisbane, B.7. dated 2.10.1958.

I have not read the article in "People" mentioned by you, but I do know that the Cairncross tribe of aboriginals was located on the mainland in the vicinity of Orford Bay which is about 50 miles south of Cape York. Approx. 8 miles from the coast of Orford Bay is Cairncross Island. The Commonwealth Lighthouse Dept. has an automatic light on this island which is visible for approx. 14 miles.

The Cairncross tribe would have used Cairncross island on their fishing expeditions as it is surrounded by coral reefs and provides an excellent anchorage. The Southern extremity of Orford Bay is called Orford Ness and just South of Orford Ness is a small cape known as False Orford Ness. Just East of Cairncross Island is Douglas Island.

It is very evident, that Cairncross Island and other locations adjacent to it were named to commemorate, or to in some manner connect with Scotland. It is quite possible that Cairncross island was named by Captain Cook or Matthew Flinders but I have no data to establish that. Again, not having read the article I do not know to which aboriginal it refers when you mention the name Pablo. Pablo, however, a Cairncross aboriginal is well known to me and for the last 40 years has been resident on Coral Creek which is a fort settlement situated slightly S.W. of Cape York Peninsula.

Letter from the "People" is returned herewith and it is trusted the information will be of some assistance to you.

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