The earliest Cairncrosses.

The Cairncrosses of Glenesk, circa 1200's.

This list is not so much a family tree as it is reflecting the Cairncrosses that owned lands in Glenesk. Dates shown in brackets [ ] as references are not dates of birth or death, but rather dates of ownership.

Leod - one of the lay lords and part of the court of David I, King of Scots (1124-1153).

Dovenald, the heir of Leod.

Malise, the heir of Dovenald.

John, the son of Malise. John was the Abbot of Brechin.

Morgund, the son of John. It is recorded that Morgund's gift of land of Cairncross to his son Michael was confirmed by James I (1406-1437) in 1428.

Michael, the son of Morgund. Michael was the first proprietor of the land of Cairncross, as a separate estate. [Ref: 1230.]

Duncan, second proprietor. Not the son of Michael, but would naturally have inherited the estate from his ancestor Michael. [Refs: 1310-1325.]

Duncan, third proprietor. It is likely that all later Cairncrosses are descended from this Duncan. [Ref: 1369.]

Simon, fourth proprietor. Did not reside in Glenesk but had a mansion house in Finhaven (north of Forfar), and another in Dundee.
He would have visited his Glenesk lands at intervals. Was killed in the Raid of Angus in 1392. [Refs: 1389-1292.]

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