The following is a list of authorities for the statements contained in Sections I and II ;

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With regard to dates, it should be borne in mind that various changes have been made in the calendar in centuries gone by. The Julian Calendar of 12 months commenced in the year 46 B.C. on 1st January. The Gregorian Calendar, known as the New Style, came into effect in the year A.D. 1582, in which year the 4th of October was followed by the 15th of October. The Protestant nations, however, adopted the change much later. In England, for instance, it was only done in A.D. 1752, in which year the 2nd of September was followed by the 14th September, while at the same time the commencement of the legal year was changed from 25th March to the 1st January. In Scotland, however, the 1st of January was adopted for New Year's Day from A.D. 1600, according to an act of the Privy Council in December, 1599. (The original Roman Calendar, introduced in 738 B.C., consisted of 304 days and 10 months - hence the present day anomaly of December (derived from "Decem", meaning the 10th) being the 12th month.)


APPENDIX No. 4 - Addendum

The following works, listed in the order of appearance in the Text, have also been quoted from:
Liturgy and Ritual of the Celtic Church F.E. Warren p.1 fn.
Celtic Church of Scotland Bishop Dorden 1 fn.
Celtic Scotland W.F. Scene 2
Chronicles of the Picts and Scots 2.3
Registrta de Pannae Dr. John Stuart 3
Land of the Lindsays Jerrise 7, 18
History of Early Scottish Education John Edgar 3
Scotland Under Her Early Kings E.W. Robertson 4
Aberdeen wkly Journ. 30-7-1913 Laurence, Archdeacon of St. Andrews' 4.9
Records of the Earldom of Orkneys 1299 - 1614. 9.9
Scottish Land Names Sir Herbert Maxwell 10.9
The Historians of Scotland. Vol.IX. Andro of Wyntoun III 12, 160
Scotichronicon John Fordun & Walter Bower 14.5
Scottish Myths: Notes on Scottish History Dr. Maclagan 15.0
The Raid of Clan Donnachie Mr. Fittis of Perth 15.9
Chronicles of Scotland Robert Lindsay 16.2
Robertson's Index of Missing Charters 16.4
Officers of State Crawford 16.9
The Commission of General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 27.6
Historic Scenes in Forfarshire Marshall 28.1
Old Dundee, Ecclesiastical, Burghal & Social Alex Maxwell 30.9
History of Old Dundee Maxwell 30.9
The Chronicles of Melrose (Monks ?) 51.4
The House of Lords Finding - re Calfhill-Hilslop Succession 83.5
Scottish Castellated Architecture Macgibbon & Ross 84.3
Vindication of Dr. Alex. Cairncross, late Archbishop of Glasgow by Himself 106.6
Heraldry Nisbet 111.1
History of Scotland Rev. W. Robertson 162.9
Historie of Scotland John Leslie 162.1
The Perth Incident of 1396 R.C. Maclagan 162.2
Caledonia Chalmers 162.7
The Story of The Tweed Sir H. Maxwell 162.9
The Monastery Sir Walter Scott passim

Historians and Antiquarians quoted:
John A. Henderson 9.3
Dr. John Hill Burton 13.2
Alexander Hutcheson F.S.A. Soot. 13 fn.

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