Dundee is distant about fourteen miles only from Balmashanner. It is not surprising, therefore, that younger sons should migrate there.

THOMAS 1450 - 1461 (Dates when mentioned in public records.)

After 1454, but before 1486, Thomas of Carnkors paid for the privilege of being buried along with his wife in the kirk of St. Mary's in Dundee by presenting two silver candlesticks to the high altar. No doubt this is the Thomas Carncors, burgess of Dundee, who, in 1450, was a witness to No.129, p.II of "Register of Arbroath", Vol.2.

Referring to the High Altar of St. Mary's Church in Dundee, Mr. Alexander Maxwell, F.S.A. Scotland[1], writes: - "The Dundee Town Council undertook the maintenance of the choir of St. Mary's in 1442 - 43. Thereafter the Council appear to have thoroughly restored the choir, and by 1461 we find them making provision for covering the roof with lead, After the Council undertook the maintenance of the choir, some of the burgesses made liberal donations to the decorations of this altar. At an early time Thom of Carnkors presented 'twa chandillars to the hie altar' ". "Ther are the personis that has payit for tnat layris in the kirk, the quhilk silver wes gyffin for led til thek the queyr." The first entry is: - "Thom of Carnkors has payit for his layr and his wyffis in the kyrk tharof, twa chandilla.ris to the he altar". This-is not dated, but occurs before other entries dating from 1486, and it forms part of an original inventory of articles of special value belonging to the various altars in the church of St. Mary's of Dundee. The inventory is still preserved in the burgh archives, and dates from 1454 to 1516; Thom of Carnkors must have given his silver "Chandillaris" about 1461, his being the first donation towards the covering of the choir roof with lead, provision for this work being made in 1461.[2]

[1] In his "Old Dundee, Ecclesiastical, Burghal, and Social, Prior to the Reformation", pp.9, 10 and 14, and in the Appendix (page 563) of "The history of Old Dundee".

[2] For these references to Thom of Carnkors we are indebted to the late Mr. Alexander Hutcheson, F. C.A. Scot.


JOHN 1489 (Registration of ownership)

In the register of the Great Seal on February 3rd, 1489, John Carnecors is named as owner of lands in Dundee.

JOHN 1494 - 1517 (Witness to Charters.)

On October 24th, 1494, John Carncors, Burgess of Dundee, was a witness to a charter by John Carncors of Balmashanner.

On July 30th, 1517, John Carncors was one of the witnesses to a charter at Dundee. In 1521 one of the master bakers in Dundee was a John Cairncross.

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