The first section of this history, dealing with the Forfarshire CAIRNCROSSes, was prepared and published in 1920 by A.F.C.(see note 1) of Broughty Ferry, Scotland. In the foreword to that publication he said, :- "This little history has no literary pretensions. It is mainly a plain statement of facts compiled from authentic public records, and it has been got up chiefly for the information of Mr. A. Reginald Cairncross of Sydney, N.S.W., a grandson of the late Lieutenant- Colonel Alexander Cairncross, K.H., of Dundee. For a number of extracts given, the writer is indebted to the late Major General John Cairncross, who kindly allowed him to copy the results of researches made for him by Mr. McLeod, searcher of records in Edinburgh. The rest is the outcome of years of personal effort, encouraged and advised by the late Mr. Alexander Hutcheson, Scotland."

The second section of this history was written by B.L.C.(see note 2) in 1932 - 33 from information collected and supplied by A.F.C. But for the great trouble the latter took in the matter, and for his advice and assistance, most freely given, this book would never have been prepared.

The third section has been compiled from information gathered from members of the family, from the Scots Ancestry Research Society, Edinburgh, and from notes most kindly furnished in 1955 - 56 by Mr. Peter Crail, who conducted researches in the Archives, Cape Town, in the office of the Master of the Supreme Court, and in the South African Public Library.

The typing of the stencils, was generously undertaken by Mrs. Thompson (Gwendoline Cairncross.) (see note 3).


P.O. Box 188, George, C.P., B.L.C. South Africa. 23 - 4 - 56.

(Note 1) ARTHUR FAWTHROP CAIRNCROSS, b. 1854 (Of Monifieth Parish, Angus, Scotland.) Appendix No. 5(b) = Page 168. Refs: Page 36.8, also Appendix no. 5(b) = Page 168.

(Note 2) BERTRAM LILBURNE CAIRNCROSS, b. 1899 (Of George, Cape Province, South Africa.) Refs: Page 135.5, also Appendix No. 5(d) - 1 = Page 170.

(Note 3) GWENDOLINE CAIRNCROSS, b. about 1926 ? Married (1) Huson, (2) N.J. Thompson. Refs: Page 138 - Item i. Also Appendix No. 5(d) - 1 = Page 170.

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