Dave Mitchell documents



In the Winter of 2008/2009 I travelled to South Africa to visit an old school friend. I contacted one of my correspondents by the name of Dave Mitchell, who I knew lived in Cape Town. Dave met me at the airport and he was kind enough to spend some time with me while he showed me round the famous Stellenbosch University Botanical Gardens.

He surprised me by giving me 2 copies of the Cairncross book, which I later scanned and added to this site for all to see. Shortly after arriving back home, Dave sent me several documents - in Word - which I include here. These are listed below:

Document 1 - The Cairncross family group of War Medals.

Document 2 - Raymond Cairncross's talk to rotary in 1987.

Document 3 - Millie Cairncross - Royal Red Cross.

Document 4 - Article - War Saga of a family in a unique medal group.

Document 5 - Supplement to the book, "CAIRNCROSS - History of a Scottish Family", 1973.

Document 6 - Article, Cairncross medals among world's best collections.

Document 7 - Letter, 1994 from Rhonda McKinnon.

Document 8 - The 64 medals.

Sadly, I can find no reference to the Millie Cairncross above.

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