Family of Alexander Cairncross, born about 1809.

(This family tree replaces "Family of James Cairncross late 19th century", which began with James, born 1853, and so goes back in time by 2 generations. I am grateful to Gordon Best and Rick Heaslip for their contributions enabling this family tree to be updated substantially.)

Alexander Cairncross, born about 1809, married Janet Stewart, 3 April 1824. She was born about 1809.

a.  Barbara Cairncross, born 5 Feb 1825, christened 27 Feb 1825, Dundee.

b.  Alexander Cairncross, born 17 Oct 1825, christened 12 Nov 1826, Dundee.

c.  William Cairncross, born 19 Dec 1829, in Monifieth, Angus. He was christened 10 Jan 1930 in Monifieth. Married Jane Scotland 29 Mar 1850 in Clackmannan, Scotland, daughter of William Scotland and Agness Bryce. She was born about 1833. Occupation: William was a coachman/domestic servant.

1.  Margaret Cairncross, born 20 Jan 1852 and christened 30 Jan 1852 in Clackmannan.

2.  James Cairncross, born 18 Dec 1853 and christened 3 Jan 1854 in Clackmannan, Scotland. He was a Coachman to Lord Balfour, later commercial traveller for Lorimer & Moyes in Glasgow. Married Helenora Wylie Paton, born 18.10.1854, christened 10 Dec 1854. She was the daughter of George Paton and Jean Taylor. She died 29.05.1947. James died circa 1910. Helenora Wylie was a dressmaker when she married James in 1877. They lived in Glasgow and had 9 children. Helenora died in 1947. (See this family photo taken before 1910, showing James and Helenora with children Margaret, George, James, Robert, Helenora, Isabella and Janet.)

a.  William Cairncross, born 28.05.1878, in Glasgow, died 22.08.1880.

b.  Jane Taylor Scotland Cairncross, born 27.12.1879, in Glasgow, died 17.02.1880.

c.  Margaret Cairncross, born 22.05.1881, in Glasgow, married Ernie McNab, who was the brother of the woman who married Dr James Cairncross. Margaret died young, in 1920, with no family.

d.  George Stuart Paton, born 23.07.1883, in Glasgow. Changed name to Carncross. Was on the Music Hall Stage in England before WW1, specialising in impressions of actors like Sir Henry Irving. Went to Hollywood around 1911. Changed name to Stuart Paton, he acted in silent movies, eventually became a film director (a short film by him is on record 1923). Married Ethel (screen name) Patrick, born 1887, died 18.09.1944. Returned to England 1929, and was General Manager for British International Pictures at Elstree, Herts. Returned to Hollywood after a year. Died in a home for retired film people in Los Angeles 16.12.1944. (See obituary on Stuart Paton at the end of this tree.).)(Here are some photos; one of George with wife Ethel, this one is of George, taken in April 1941 with grandson William, and one of him as an actor in character.) Here is an obituary for Stuart, including all the films he directed.

1.  James Cairncross, married Anna Outerson. (may have been named Edward James Paton Cairncross)(See a photo of James, with wife, Anna and their son William, taken in 1953. There is another photo of James and Anne, with sons William and James.)

a.  William O. Cairncross, married (1) Patricia, (2) Ann, (3) Linda. Occupation: TV producer, (worked on such programmes as 'Mannix', 'Mission Impossible' etc,.

Children of William and Patricia:

1.  Laurinda Cairncross, born 6 Jan 1962. Occupation: Editor in Hollywood. Laurinda's parents divorced in 1974. Patricia re-married Daskey, and she had a daughter, Jeannie, Laurinda's half sister. Sadly, Jeannie died in 2007.

a.  Randell Paul, born 28 Oct 1982. Randy's father's name is Michael Galitzer.

2.  Michael James Cairncross, born 4 Dec 1963. Died 2010.

Children of William and Ann:

3. Scott Pennington Cairncross, born 22 Jan 1979, married Ann Caroline. Occupation: SaP/BW Consultant.

b.  James Cairncross, born 26 Oct 1947, died 1977.

2.  Lillian Cairncross, married Mr Cavalerri. No children.

e.  James (Dr) Cairncross, born 29.06.1885 in Glasgow. Medical Practitioner qualified in Glasgow 1908.G.P. in Dunfermline, retired 1943. Married (1) Miss Millie McNab, who died 1943, (2) Miss Elwell in 1948. Separated 1952, went to live in London. Died 1961. (See this photo of James and his brother Robert. James is on the right.)

Children of James and Millie McNabb:

1.  James Fleming Cairncross, born Dec 21, 1915 Dunfermline. Went to Dunfermline High School and studied Medicine at Edinburgh University 1933-35. Went to London in 1936 to train for the Stage. Served in the RASC in WW2, then in 1941 was commissioned in the Royal Artillery (HHA), serving in the UK and India. Invalided out in 1944, since been an actor on stage, screen and TV. Was a Director of the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh. James died Dec 17, 2009, at the age of 94 years. (Here is an obituary for James.)

2.  Dorothy Westland Cairncross, b. 1919, in Dunfermline. Spinster, lives in Edinburgh. Worked at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

f.  Robert Cairncross, born 17.12.1886 in Glasgow. Married Elsie Metcalfe. Migrated to South America and worked as a bank manager in Rio de Janiero. He is remembered by his cousin (Helenora Wylie Robertson) for his ability to quickly add long columns of figures. (Here is a photo of Robert with his sister, Isabella. and here is a family photo with, standing, Robert Paton, Margaret Elizabeth (Peggy) and James Metcalfe, and seated, Elsie and Robert.))

1.  Margaret Elizabeth (Peggy) Cairncross, born 1921, died 1989. Married Frank Knight. (Margaret seems to have been referred to as Peggy, so here is a photo of her grannie Isabella, Robert’s wife Elsie and Peggy. Here is another which includes the boys Robert and James.)

2.  Robert Paton Cairncross, born 1924. Married (1) Thelma Fuller, (2) Jean Gunn.

Children of Robert and Thelma:

a.  Heather Jean Cairncross, born 1949, married Geoffrey Lawrence, (born 1948, son of Reginald Lawrence and Mary Robinson).

1.  Heidi Lawrence, born Mar 18, 1977. Married David Boxer.

a.  Jake Dylan Boxer, born 28 Dec 2007.

b. Toby James Boxer, born????

2.  Stephanie Lawrence, born 1982.

3.  Chalana Lawrence, born 1984.

b.  Ian Robert Cairncross, born 22 Aug 1950, married Cristina Perdomo, born c1952.

1.  Alex Cairncross, born c1981.

2.  Vicky Cairncross, born c1984.

Children of Robert and Jean:

a.  Sandy Cairncross, born c1968.

b.  Peter Cairncross, born c1970.

3.  James Metcalfe Cairncross, born 1926. Married Angela Maude Shearburn White.

a.  April Virginia Cairncross, born 1955. Married.

b.  Philippa Rose Cairncross, born 1959.

(conflicting information suggests Robert and James are twins born in 1925, that Margaret Elizabeth was Margaret Peggy and was born in 1930, and that Philippa was called Pippa)

g.  Helenora Wylie Cairncross, born 26.08.1889 in Glasgow. Died 31.07.1942 in Glasgow. Married John Baird, who died of shingles.

h.  Isabella Cairncross, born 16.04.1894 in Glasgow. Died 19 Feb 1976 in Toronto, York, Canada. Married Alfred George Squires about 1914. Alfred, the son of John Squires and Mary Cockburn, was born 1881 in Dublin and died 31 May 1961 in Scotland. (See this photo of Isabella taken in 1974, when she was 80 years of age. See this nursing certificate awarded to Isabella in 1962. )

1.  Doreen Helenora Squires, born 1914, died 17 Jun 1974. Married John Blackwood, who died 15 Jul 1974.

a.  Carol Blackwood, married Alistair Anderson.

1.  Michael Anderson.

2.  Dorothy Jane Anderson.

b.  Sandy Blackwood.

c.  Wendy Blackwood, married David Wilson.

2.  Rev Cyril Squires, born 12 Sep 1916, died 5 Jan 1984. Married Muriel Patterson. (See a photo of Cyril, and brothers Peter and Kenneth.)

a.  Brian Squires, born 26 May 1942 in Glasgow. He married (1) Vicky, (2) Linda. Died in January 2007.

Children of Brian and Vicky:

1.  Michelle Squires, born 13 Dec 1966 Ontario.

Children of Brian and Linda:

2.  Derek Squires.

b.  Kenneth Squires, born 8 Dec 1946 in Glasgow. He married (1) Judith Diane Langton 24 Apr 1965, (2) Beverley Hammond 1 Dec 1984. She died 18 Aug 1997.

1.  Geoffrey Shawn Squires, born 11 Dec 1965. He married Constance Melanie Cooper (born 7 Oct 1965) on 31 August 1996.

a.  Max Cooper-Squires, born 10 Apr 1998.

b.  Eden Cooper-Squires, born 13 Apr 2001.

2.  Kristen Muriel Squires, born 29 Aug 1970, married Mark Duncan 28 Aug 1998.

a.  Jillian Quinn Duncan, born 19 Sep 2003.

b.  Jaimie Robertson Duncan, born 18 Jan 2005.

c.  Ronald Squires, born 20 Feb 1948 in Glasgow.

d.  Derek Squires, born 27 May 1949 in Glasgow.

e.  Alan Squires, born 4 Dec 1953 in Brantford, Ontario. He married Susan Patricia Wonacott 22 Mar 1980, in Ontario. She was born 22 Jul 1958.

1.  Callum Robert Squires, born 27 Oct 1983.

2.  Genaah Suzanne Squires, born 6 Mar 1986.

3.  Alfred Squires, born 1918, died about 1918.

4.  Peter Squires, born 1919, died Australia. Married Blanche (?). (See this family photo showing, standing, Cyril and Peter, seated, Isabella and her daughter Doreen, and front, Kenneth and Moira Patricia.)

a.  Valerie Squires, married Robert Balfour.

1.  Caroline Balfour, married Ash.

a.  Jarrod Ash, born 1 Apr 2001.

b.  Lynn Squires, married Joe Baille.

1.  Carla Baille, born about 1976, married Craig about 1999.

2.  Liana Baille, born about 1979.

5.  Kenneth Squires, born 6 Jul 1923, Scotland. Married Helen Cameron Wilson (born 1918) in 1949. Kenneth died 25.04.2005, in Ontario.

a.  Gary Squires, born 1949 in Ontario. Married Joanne Beriault. Gary died 1986.

b.  Beverly Jane Squires, born 7 Apr 1955 in Ontario. She married Bruce Alan Porter 5 Sep 1993, Ontario. He was born 21 Mar 1957.

1.  Cole Squires Porter, born 25 Mar 1998.

2.  Shannon Jacqueline Porter, born 8 Jun 2000.

c.  Christine Elizabeth Squires, 23 Feb 1959 in Ontario. She married John Huw Thomas 15 Aug 1987. He was born 19 Nov 1952 in Swansea.

1.  Rhiannon Louisa Cameron Thomas, born 10 May 1991.

2.  Shauna Jane Thomas, born 15 Nov 1993.

3.  Bronwen Elizabeth Thomas, born 26 Feb 1999.

6.  Moira Patricia Squires, born 18 Apr 1927, Isle of Man. She married (1) Benjamin Wesley Heaslip 1 Nov 1947 in Ontario, the son of Elwood Heaslip and Dora Houghton. Benjamin died in 1998, and Moira Patricia married (2) Peter Van Ooyen, who died in 2005. Moira died peacefully in her sleep in her apartment on Jun 22, 2010.

a.  Richard Wesley Heaslip, born 7 May 1949, Ontario. He married Carol Anne Finlayson 3 Aug 1974, the daughter of Edward Finlayson and Joyce Porter.

1.  Christopher Richard Heaslip, born 17 Jun 1978. Fiance Kayla.

a.  Alexia.

2.  Gregory Edward Lloyd Heaslip, born 24 Apr 1982.

b.  Lloyd Douglas Heaslip, born 27 Nov 1950, Ontario, died 27 May 1972 the result of a motorcycle accident.

c.  Brenda Patricia Heaslip, born 21 Oct 1955, Ontario. She married John Manley Spencer23 May 1981, the son of Manley Spencer and Beulah Moore.

1.  Lisa Patricia Spencer, born 30 Jun 1983.

2.  Amy Berniece Spencer, born 13 Feb 1986.

7.  James Finlay Robertson Squires, born 1931, Scotland. He married Irene Hamilton.

a.  Fiona Squires, married Dr. John K Duncan.

1.  Krista Duncan.

2.  Ian Duncan.

b.  David Squires.

c.  Neil Squires.

i.  Janet Cairncross, born 29.07.1899, died 19 Jun 1960. Janet never married, but had a relationship with Dr Streeter, a recognised osteopath in Harley Street, London. Occupation: Medical Secretary.

3.  Jane Fergusson Cairncross, born 19 July 1858 in Clackmannan.

d.  Stewart Cairncross, born, christened 3 Mar 1833, Monifieth.

The following obituary was published on December 20th, 1944 in the magazine "Variety" :

Stuart Paton, 59, pioneer film director and actor, died at the Motion Picture Country House near Hollywood, December 16th. Paton began theatrical career with six years on London Stage, entering film work in 1912 as scenario editor, and later a director at Universal. He worked in many early action films including - "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and "The Heart Punch" starring Jess Willard, and many early Harry Carey westerns. He leaves a son, Edward James Paton and a daughter, Lillian Paton Cavalieri, employed in Universal's film library.

"Variety" Obituaries Vol 3 1939 - 1947, Garland Publishing Inc, New York and London 1988.

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