Family of James Cairncross of Broughty Ferry b. 1843. (F-T-11).

James Patrick Cairncross, born 1841, in Dundee. Married Priscilla Jane Puttick, born in 1841 at the Devils Dyke Inn, near Poynings, West Sussex. Her father was the innkeeper. Her mother was killed in a fire at the inn in 1848. After the fire James took daughters Sophie, born 1839, and Priscilla, aged 9 and 7 to London, in 1849. Sophie was sold to the George and Dragon Pub for £20, and Priscilla to the George Inn, Southwark for £25. Both to be released upon marriage. James was an Engineer, Printer & Shipís Chandler, Broughty Ferry. Jamesís father was a jute master from Dundee, who was sent to London to found a rope, twine and sack factory in Stepney. He came from a family which included Alexander Cairncross, a dyer who later became Archbishop of Glasgow (1684). James died aged 78, Priscilla was 87. (See photo of James and Priscilla taken in 1911.)

A. Harry William Cairncross, born 1874. St. George. London. died 1961. married Mary Ann.

1. Harry James Cairncross, born 1901.

a. Harry Sydney Cairncross, born 1923.

1. Stuart Harry Cairncross, born Tasmania.

a. Shaun Stuart Cairncross.

2. Martin Cairncross.

2. Mary Ann Cairncross, born 1898. Poplar London.

3. Hepzibah Cairncross, born 1899. Poplar London.

4. Priscilla Cairncross, born 1903.

5. Margaret Priscilla Cairncross, born 1905.

6. James Cairncross, born 1907, married Jessie Hoy. He died in 1994.

a. Maureen Cairncross, born 23.01.1936. She married (1) Michael Walker, (2) Austin Baptiste. All children born in London.

Children of Maureen and Michael.

1. Stephen Mark Walker, married to Stella.

a. Michael Walker.

b. Louise Walker.

Children of Maureen and Austin.

1. Lisa Florita Baptiste, born 10.07.1969.

2. Sara Aurita Baptiste, born 03.08.1970.

7. Walter Cairncross, born 1909. No children. Died circa 2003.

8. Rose Ann Cairncross, born 1909 (Twin to above).

9. Albert Frederick Cairncross, born 1916.

10. Clifford John Cairncross, born 1919, died 2001. Married Gladys Sarah Traveller.

a. John Clifford Cairncross, born1947. Married Susan Patricia Farr. 3 Children

1. Sharon Cairncross.

2. Paula Cairncross.

3. Daniel Cairncross, born 1975, 2 Children.

a. Chris Daniel Cairncross, born 2001.

b. Harrison Cairncross, born 2004.

b. Joyce Cairncross, born 1951, no children

(Note: information about Clifford John, his wife and descendents are from Daniel Cairncross in an email dated 19/09/2014.)

B. Margaret Cairncross, born St.Saviours, London. Married Walter Willis, engineer, at 16 years.

1. Walter Willis. Born in London. Married, one child, died aged 7 years. Married again aged 71. Died one year later.

2. Margaret Willis. Born in London. Never married, and had no children. Died 1947.

3. Daisy Willis, born 06.04.1894, died 02.01.1992. Married Harold Caswell Wickes on 26.12.1917.

a. Harold Caswell Wickes, born 25.10.1918, died 03.03.1999 (?). Married with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. He was an engineer.

b. Margaret Lilian Wickes, born 17.11.1920. Died Jan 16, 2013. Married George Richard Cox on 17.06.1944. Living in Peterborough.

1. Jeannette Cox, born 08.05.1945. Married Jasu Patel on 08.09.1972, in Uganda, East Africa. (Jeniís Facebook photo.)

a. Ketan Patel, born 07.09.1973, in Peterborough, UK.

1. Dante, born 22.06.1999, in North Carolina.

b. Richard Patel, born 21.06.1978, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

C. James Henry Cairncross, born 1864 Holborn, London.

D. Priscilla Jane Cairncross, born 1866 Holborn, London. Married Tom Collins, a colour mixer at a paint works, who died aged 53.

E. James Cairncross, born 1866. Whitechapel, London. Went to the USA, was a butler. Later became clergyman, (Monseigneur).

F. William Cairncross, born 1868. Whitechapel, London.

G. Alice Winnie Cairncross, born 1869. Whitechapel, London. Married another Tom Collins (original records show she married a man named Holland). Tom was a carpenter and they emigrated to Vermont, USA (original records show Canada). Settled eventually in New York State USA.

H. Henry John Cairncross, born 1871 Whitechapel, London.

I. Grace Mary Ann Cairncross, born 22.10.1875, at 10 Richard St., Stepney, London. Married Edward Sizeland Clark, born 8.8.1877. (See the Long Service Certificate of the English Electric Co. Ltd. Unfortunately, it cannot be established if it is this Edward, or that of his son.)

1. Edward Sizeland Clark, 1901-2001, married Violet Young, 1905-1974.

a. Margaret Clark, born 1939, married Douglas George Wood.

1. Timothy James Wood, born 16 Feb 1970. Partner Michelle. Married Helen.

Children of Timothy and Michelle:

a. Hannah Amy Wood, born 24 Jun 1995.

b. Jamie Wood, born 2 Feb 1998.

c. Jo Lees Wood, born 22 Aug 2000. (half brother from Michelle.)

2. Nigel Alan Wood, born 6 May 1972.

2. Grace Minnie Clark, 1903-1994.

3. Rose Margaret Clark, 1905-1941, married Charles Cook, born 1903.

a. Joyce Clark, 1935-1968.

4. Bessie Lillian Clark, 1908-1979, married Alfred Cooper, 1907-1985.

a. Alfred Arthur Edward Cooper, born 1929, married (1) Mollie Eileen Pearson, 1930-1996, (2) Jennifer Constance Cavell, born 1945.

1. Robert Cooper, born 1952.

2. Richard Clive Cooper, born 1955.

3. Brett Cooper, born 1997.

b. 4 further children, all died young.

5. John James Clark, 1910-2003, married Rosina Esther Russell, 1915-1988.

a. Jack Alan Clark, born 1935, married Erica Joy Warby, born 1942.

1. Matthew Clark, born 1973. Married Sep 4, 2004 to Lucy Tuhill. Divorced.

b. Brian Roy Clark, born 1937, died Apr 19, 2012. Married (1) Yvonne Blackwell, born 1939, (2) Carol Milton, born 1945.

1. David Roy Clark, born 1959, married (1) Frankie Antoinette Margaret Conn, born 1959, (2) Stephanie Lorraine Checkley, born 1975.

a. Ryan Sean Clark, born 1989.

b. Joshua William Clark, born 1997.

c. Marcus Anthony Clark, born 2001.

2. Della Janet Clark, born 1962, married Andrew Caws.

a. James Caws, born 1989.

b. Nicola Caws, born 1992.

c. Christine Janet Clark, born 1947, married Keith Pitman, born 1946.

1. Kirstine Janet Pitman, born 1973, partner Neil Trotter, born 1973.

a. Annabelle Rose Trotter, born 2003.

6. Dorothy Ethel Clark, born 1919, married (1) Harold David Burr 1918-1976, (2) Frank Hart, born 1920.

a. David Harold Burr, 1944-1995, married Jean.

1. David Burr, born 1977.

b. Pauline Burr, born 1947, married George Howes, died 2000.

c. John James Burr, 1955-2001, married Julie.

1. James John Burr, born 1980.

2. Jonathan Frank Burr, born 1982.

3. Daniel Harold burr, born 1988.

J. Arthur, b. 24.9.1879. St. George London.

K. James Wilson, b. 24.9.1879. St. George, London.

L. James.???

Harry. Went to the Caledonian School. Published a book on The Anglican Church Service.

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