Family of Robert Cairncross, 1792-1859, married Margaret Ogilvie.

(Note: This family tree formerly began with Robert Cairncross, born 1821. Thanks go to Ronald E. Cairncross, of Fife, who has supplied much extra information for this tree. Because the tree now starts back in time by one generation, it has had to be renamed. It was formerly called "3 brothers - Robert, James & John Cairncross.". Sandra Cairncross, from Edinburgh, has created a superb document based on this family tree, appearing to go back much earlier in time. It was done as a present for her father, Ronald. Sandra has asked me to include it in this site. It is a Word document and here is a direct link to it.) Here is a document of emails between Clarence Alexander and Sandra Cairncross. Clarence has minor concerns regarding the life of David Cairncross born 1826. I thought it useful to include it here.

Robert Cairncross, born 1792, died 1859. Married Margaret Ogilvie on 19.02.1819. Robert was a Flax Weaver. He died, aged 67 of apoplexy at Logie, Dundee.

a. Robert Cairncross, born 7.10.1821, died 29.7.1883 of congestion of the brain and diabetes. Married Helen Mitchell, b. 1829, on 6.11.1853. She died 1901. Robert was a Dockgateman, of 42 Gellatly Street, (latterly 67 Seagate), Dundee.

1.  Isabella, b. 1855. Jute weaver.

2. Mary Graham, b. 1856. d. 1.9.1872 aged 16.

3. Robert, b. 1861, d. 1864 of scarletina and dropsy.

4.  Martha ?

5.  Helen, b. 1864. Shop assistant (fish and drapers).

6.  John McFarlane, born 17 Apr 1868, died 27 Apr 1931. Water Inspector. Married Isabella Gray (born 10 Apr 1871, died 28 Jan 1956) on 8 Dec 1893. Lived at 2 Taylors Lane and Lintrathen Gardens, Dundee. Died 27 Apr 1931. (Here is John’s birth certificate.)

a. Helen Mary, d. 19.1.1895, aged 15 months.

b. Helen, b. 1895. (Nellie) married George Douglas (1893-1968), lived in Glenisla. Retired to near Plymouth. Helen died in 1971.

1. Isobel, b. 1922. Married John Dowling, born 1920.

a. Helen Elizabeth Dowling, born 1946. Married David Blessley, born 1942.

1. Richard Keith Blessley, born 1978. Married Emma Jane Kidwell, on 17 Jun 2006.

a.  William Scott Blessley, born Jan 3 2010.

b.  Leo Patrick Blessey, born Jan 3 2012.

2. Ian Robert Blessley, born 1979.

3. Sarah Jane Blessley, born 1981. Married Marc Dunmore on 8 Sep 2007.

a.  Austin Dunmore, born 30 Jun 2011.

b. Margaret Isobel Dowling, born 1948. Married James Harrison, born 1947, now separated.

1. Jane Harrison, born 1971. Married Kevan Woodcock, born 1968, on 30.04.2004.

a.  Thomas Harrison Woodcock, born 16.10.2005.

b.  Alex Rebecca Woodcock, born 28.12.2006.

2. Kirsty Harrison, born 1974. Partner Steven Fisher, born 1971.

a. Sam Joshua Fisher, born 2002.

b.  Jess Fisher, born 26.10.2006.

c. Ian Dowling, born 1956, died 1958.

d. Sally Dowling, born 1959, died 1968.

2. Gordon Douglas, born 1931. Married Mary Huxtable, born 1932.

a. Martin Douglas, born 1961.

b. Colin Douglas, born 1965, died 1987.

c. Angela Douglas, born 1971.

3. George Edward Douglas, born 1936, died 2003. Married Gina, born 1942.

a. Carol Douglas, born 1964.

b. Andrew Douglas, born 1966.

c. Annie Cairncross, d. 28.11.1896, aged 4 months.

d. John Cairncross, b. 1897, d. 1965. Teacher in Dundee and Edinburgh. Married Meg.

1. Elma, b. 1935, d. 1970. Teacher in Dundee.

2. Dorris, b. 14.12.1936. Was a teacher in Dundee, now retired.

e. Robert Cairncross, b. 1899, d. 1967. Science master and Rector of Grove Academy, Dundee. Married in 1925 to Elsie Duff, b. 1900, d. 2002.

1. John (Ian) Macfarlane Cairncross, born Jun 9, 1930, died 27/28 Feb 2020 Dysart, Fife. Retired Civil Engineer. Worked on the construction of Roads and Power Stations in Scotland and abroad. Married Jane Casciani, b. 1933.

a. Jane Grant Cairncross, b. 1953. Teacher in Dundee. Married James Westcott.

1. Andrew James Westcott, born 1977.

2. Stuart Mark Westcott, born 1981.

b. Patricia, b. 1956. Teacher in Fife. Married Royston Mroz.

1. Sarina Mroz.

c. Robert Grant, b. 1964. Publican in Edinburgh. Married Sarah Hopkins. Died Aug 3, 2014 suddenly ay home.

f.  Edward Cairncross, born 16 Jul 1907, died 4 Jul 1993, Dundee. Investment Trust Firm Executive. Married on 5 Sep 1935 to Euphemia Lessley Matthew, born 6 May 1908, died 16 Feb 1988.

1. Ronald Edward Cairncross, born Mar 20, 1937. Chartered Accountant in Glasgow. Retired in Fife. Married (1) Georgina Crocket Thomson, born 1935, died 7 Aug 2007, and (2) Maureen Sinclair Thomson on Oct 16, 2012.

a. Sandra Maureen Cairncross, born 1962. Married Thomas Gerrard McEwan, b. 1957.

1. Anna Jacqueline McEwan, born 1997.

c. Brian Ronald Edward, b. 1965. Was Hotelier in Burntisland, now a Reception Manager with Traveln Lodge Hotel Group.

d. Jacqueline Margaret Lesslie, born 1970. Married Jaap Van Der Meer, born 1970.

1. Ryan Van Der Meer, born 2005.

2. Aileen Elizabeth, born 1939. married Thomas Gerrard Reilly, born 1938. Aileen died 14 Sep 2008, after a short illness, of cancer of the liver.

a. Elizabeth Agnes Reilly, born 1963. Partner David Parslow. (Elizabeth and David never married.) Elizabeth married David Matthew Reid, born 19 Aug 1961, on 12 May 2007, at Standish, near Wigan.

1. Alexander James Parslow, born 1990.

b. Patrician Elaine Reilly, born 1964.

c. (Dr) Sheila Mary Reilly, born 1966. Partner Michael (Pev) Evans.

1. Thomas Edward Geronimo Evans, born 21 Apr 2008.

g. Catherine. Died as an infant.

7. Robertina, b. 1870. Jute weaver. Also known as Robina.

8. Margaret, ? married Finchaur.

1. Robert Finchaur, Hotelier in Johannesburg, S.

b. James. Sailmaker in Dundee. Here is a link to this family in the book CAIRNCROSS – History of a Scottish Family”. The reference to James can be found right at the end.

1.  Robert. Rope Merchant.

2.  Peter, b. 1868 Dundee. (A Peter Roy died 18.1.1911, aged 50)

a.  Roy, b. 1890 came to Tyneside from Dundee at the beginning of WW1.

1.  Betty.

2.  Catherine.

3.  Margaret.

4.  Mary.

5.  Jean.

6.  Roy, b. 30.5.1924. m. Maud, b. 26.11.1924. Lives in Whitley Bay, Northumberland. Works for the Northern Gas Board. Stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal candidate in the 1974 General Election.

a.  Roy (Scott), b. 28.11.1949, m.

1.  Alex, b. 1994.

2.  Rebecca, b.

b.  Ian, b. 4.4.53, m. Judith.

1.  Hannah Jane, b. 12.3.95.

7.  Peter, b. 13.6.1940, in Walsend. Married Helga in 1962 and moved to Germany living first in Frankfurt and then Munich. They returned to England in 1970 living most of that time in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Accountant. Died 9.2.2004.

a.  Angela, born 22.3.1966.

1.  Sean, born 28.9.1991.

b.  Fiona, born 7.9.1967.

b.  James, no issue living in Kirkaldy.

c.  Kate, married Rollo. Lived in Tayport. Coincidentally, her ancestor Robert, c. 1760, also married a Rollo (Margaret) in the latter half of the 18th century. Kate's marriage would have been in the early part of the 20th century. They would be 4 generations apart, and both her husband and her great grandfather's wife were Rollos.

3.  James, shipwright, had a confectioner's shop in Clepington Road, Dundee. Married with family but nothing else known.

c.  John - nothing known. See also "Origins of the 3 brothers (researched by Anne King)".

Origins of the 3 brothers (researched by Anne King)

This story really starts somewhere about 1760, at a guess, with the births of Robert and John. We think that they were probably brothers because their offspring were born only 3 years apart, and lived in the same area.

a.  Robert, born circa 1760, married Margaret Rollo or Rollie.

1.  Robert, b. 1792, d. 1859. Flax weaver. Married Margaret Ogilvie on 19.2.1819. Died at 67 of apoplexy at Logie, Dundee.

a.  Robert, 1821 - 1883, Dockgateman, the first of the 3 brothers. Records existed with Robert b. 1899, of title deeds for lairs of burial, taken out by Robert Cairncross, the Dockgateman in 1875. He also had deeds taken out earlier in 1866 by Robert Cairncross, seaman, of Murraygate, Dundee. This is probably the same Robert's address when he was a sailor with the Arctic whaling fleet and before he gave up the sea and settled down to a life on shore as a Dockgateman. The house at nearby Gellatly Street, Dundee, probably went with the job. Or was he perhaps a son of John, the cooper, (below) who would be quite a few years younger than his sister Margaret. Or was he another relative?

b.  James, the second of the brothers and

c.  John, the third brother.

b.  John, born circa 1760, a cooper. Married Ann Abbot.

1.  Margaret, b. 1789, d. 1855. Married Charles Smith. Lived in Seagate. Had 4 children.

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