Family of Alexander Cairncross (1777-1864).

Alexander, b. 1777-1864.m. Margaret Thomson. Gardener to the Earl of Home at Douglas Castle.

a. Hugh, b. Perth, 1843.d.1904. Doctor. Assistant to James Young Simpson, the discoverer of chloroform.

1. James Lamont, b. Edinburgh, 1875. d.1903. Doctor.

2. Hugh Lamont., b. Edinburgh, 1875. d.1944. Served in the RAMC WWI.

A. Simpson. b. Edinburgh 1904.Engineer. Served in the RAF WW2.

1. Ian Lamont, b. London 1927. Sales Manager in a London Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

a. Roderick Lamont, b. London 1955.

B. Hugh Lamont, b. Edinbugh. 1906. Lived in Nottingham. Served in the lst Lothian & Border Horse in WW2, 51st Highland Div. Taken prisoner at St.Valery 1940. Now in Insurance. Was a sheep farmer in Australia.

1. Brian Lamont, in Royal Navy.

3. John Lamont, b. Edinburgh 1877. d.1935. Dentist.

b. Andrew Scott, b. 1825. d. 1901. Ironmmonger in Lesmahagow.

1. Alexander K. Cairncross, b. 1865. d. 1947. Ironmonger in Lesmahagow. Married to Elizabeth W. Cairncross.
(Cousin of John Alexander Cx. b.1873.)

a. Andrew, b.1901. Sometime Professor of English at a University in Mid West USA. Has had books published on English Literature.

1. Alexander Kirkland. b. 24.8.1927. Engineer.

2. Robert Queen, b.14.7.1929. Engineer in Canada.

3. Elizabeth, b. 22.1.1933. m. Murray.

4. Andrew Scott, b. 16.2.1937. Schoolmaster.

b. Elizabeth.

c. William Wishart, born Staffordshire. Wounded at Dunkirk 1940 died May 30, 1940 aged 35. No. 5108015 Royal Warwickshire Regt. (Here is his CWGC record of commemoration.)

d. Margaret.

e. Helen.

f. Annie.

g. Sir Alexander Kirkland, born Feb 11, 1911. Married in 1943 to Mary Francis Glynn. Economist, Chancellor of Glasgow University (See Who's Who.) (See a photo of Alexander and wife Mary.) (See section on Noteable Cairncrosses)

1. Frances A, b. 30.8.1944. Was Economic Correspondent to the Guardian. Correspondent on the Economist. Then Rector of Exeter College, Oxford.

2. Philip, b. 6.7.1946. Production Engineer.

a. Andrew Benedict, b. 16.11.72.

b. David Alexander Philip, b. 8.5.75. m. Debra, 1998.

c. Nicholas Jonathan, b. 12.5.77.

3. Alexander, b. 8.3.48. Worked in Lesotho for the UN Volunteer Programme. Has a PhD in Civil Engineering, Cambridge.

4. David, b. 2.8.52. Works in London.

5. Elizabeth, b. 13.12.58. Went to Cambridge reading History.

h. John, born Jul 25, 1913, died Oct 8, 1995. Late Diplomatic Service. Lived in Rome, then in Provence. Published 'By a Lonely Sea", OUP. Translation of Racine's 'Phaedra’ in Penguin, a book on Corneille and two others. Foreign Office 1936-38. Intelligence during WW2. With the Treasury until 1952. Correspondent of the Economist in Rome. and of Observer 1952-54. Chief Editor. John was eventually accused of spying for the Russians, and actually admitted to spying in 1951. See a photo of John.

ECAFE Bangkok 1957-61(ECAFE) - Economic Commission for Asia & the Far East). Worked for the Italian firm "Halconsult" for a year. Spent a year as Head of Romance Languages Dept of Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio 1964.

2. John M. b. 1873 Engineer.

a. John Neil, d. 1969. Dentist in Sedgefield. Married Anne. Qualified Glasgow University. Practised there until 1939. Served WW2 until 1946. Captain RAMC. Went into practise with Dr. Black at the corner of Sauchiehall St & Renfield St. Moved to Hartlepool and then to Billingham.

b. Elizabeth. Doctor died Jan.1977. m. Dr. Ronald Vinet. Died. Nov.69.

3. Thomas S. b.1872. d.1963.Minister (see.App.4.)

a. Andrew G.B. Solictor in Ayr.

1. Clive.

b. Sybil H., m. Rev. Finnie in Eccles (see App. 5.)

4. Margaret.

5. Annie.

c. George T. Tailor, later a jeweller. (See this publicity sheet regarding Cairncross of Perth, jewellery business. It shows who started the business, and the key family members who were involved in it.)

1. James Charles, d.1921. Jeweller. Was a Major on the Territorial Committee on Commission for Perth.

a. George S, Banker in London. Retired. Lived in Sudbury.

b. James Kennaway, born 17 Jan 1920, died Nov 15,2002. Jeweller in Perth. Served Royal Navy WW2. (See this obituary to James, plus this newspaper obituary from the Courier and Advertiser.)

c. Alastair Duff, born 22 Jan 1922, Jeweller in Perth d.7.3.1988. Served in RN WW2. Married Mary Margaret Cumming 17 Nov 1956.

1. James C., born 19 Jun 1963. Married Morven Brodie 12 Sep 1987.

a.  Jason Alastair Blair, born 10 Aug 1988.

b.  Corrie Guionni, born 31 Aug 1990.

c.  Sasha, born 17 Nov 1993.

2. Alexandra M., born 20 Oct 1965.

2. Jean m. Pay.

3. Nancy.

It is possible that a James, tailor of Crosseauseway, near Edinburgh, who's last will and testament is dated 17.9.1794, is the father or grandfather of Alexander. Alexander is buried in the churchyard of Douglas, St. Brides, as is Andrew died 1901, and a grandson, Andrew Scott died May 1902 aged 21 months.

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