Family of Alexander Cairncross, married Elizabeth Wood in 1786.

Note:- This family tree was formerly named "Family of Alexander Cairncross, Crookierden, circa 1800.". Information received takes the tree back in time by one generation, and therefore has to be renamed. (Much information supplied by Morag Thompson, circa March 2002. Further information supplied by Alistair Bain, in May 2006. Thanks to Morag and Alistair.)

Alexander, married Elizabeth Wood, 3.6.1786 at St Cyrus, Kincardine. Occupation: Country Wright Master.

a.  Alexander, born 1789, Crookieden. Farmer. Died Mar 12, 1874. Married Jane Napier (daughter of James Napier and Margaret Soutar) on 07.06.1817 at Fordoun. She was christened on 19.01.1794, and died 30.03.1856. The 1861 census at Crookieden farmhouse shows Alex Cx now 73, living as a widower with daughter, Ann (40 years). It also shows John Burnett, aged 14 years, son of unmarried Ann, also lived at the farmhouse. Alexander died of flu on 12.03.1874, aged 85 years. (There is a MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTION in the Kirkyard of Marykirk. Headstone: 153. "Erected by ALEXANDER CAIRNCROSS in memory of his wife JANE NAPIER d. Crookieden, Parish of Fordoun 30 March 1856 aged 62 & of their children JANE, JOSEPH & BETSY who all died in infancy. Also their son GEORGE died Hexham, Australia 26 Oct. 1872 aged 39. Said ALEXANDER CAIRNCROSS died Crookieden 12 March 1874, aged 85.") (Also a MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTION to daughter Ann, who bore John Burnet. Headstone: 152. "Sacred to the memory of ANN CAIRNCROSS daughter of late ALEXANDER CAIRNCROSS of Crookieden and formerly of Marykirk died in this parish 25 Oct. 1887 aged 67.").”)(Here is a copy of Alexander’s Will, over four pages; page 1, page 2, page 3 and page 4.)

1.  Jean, christened 23.11.1818.

2.  Ann, christened 12.11.1820. Marykirk, died 25.10.1887. (Had a relationship with a John Burnet - hence the entry of John Burnet, son, in the 1861 census.)(There is a MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTION to daughter Ann, who bore John Burnet. Headstone: 152. "Sacred to the memory of ANN CAIRNCROSS daughter of late ALEXANDER CAIRNCROSS of Crookieden and formerly of Marykirk died in this parish 25 Oct. 1887 aged 67.")

a. John Burnet, born circa 1846 in Fordoun, Kincardinshire, died in June 1906 in Leicestershire. He married Margaret Anderson (born circa 1854, daughter of James Anderson and Margaret Low), on 27.06.1876.

1.  Margaret Low Burnett, born Jun 1877. Married Robert Arthur Haywood in Jun 1907.

2.  John Burnet, born Jun 1879.

3.  Annie Cairncross Burnet, born Dec 1880.

4.  Bessie A. Burnett, born Dec 1882. (A twin, perhaps)

5.  Frances Agnes Burnett, born Jun 1885.

6.  Winifred Amy Burnett, born Mar 1887.

7.  James Anderson Burnett, born Dec1890.

3.  Margaret, christened 21.11.1822, died 02.07.1868. Married William Christie (born 02.01.1822, died 16.10.1894, son of John Christie and Ann Duthie) on 01.04.1843, in Marykirk. (There is a photo of a gravestone in Marykirk churchyard, which includes Margaret. The relevant part of the inscription reads, "…Margaret Cairncross wife of William Christie shoemaker Marykirk died 2nd July 1868 …..")

a.  Ann Christie, born circa 1844, died 28.02.1886. Married John Clark (born 27.01.1840, died 01.02.1931, son of Alexander Clark and Grace Christie), on 22.12.1865.

1.  Ann Clark, born 05.06.1866.

2.  William Alexander Clark, born 06.04.1868.

3.  John Clark, born 25.11.1869.

4.  Margaret Cairncross Clark, born 26.09.1871.

5.  Robert Clark, born 21.11.1873.

6.  Elisabeth r. Clark, born circa 1876.

7.  Bella Grace Clark, born in 1878.

8.  Jane Clark, born circa 1880.

9.  James Clark, born circa 1884.

b.  Margaret Christie, born circa 1846. Married David Smart (born circa 1851, son of William Smart and Jessie Speedie) on 14.01.1874.

1.  Helen C. Smart, born circa 1874. Married.

a.  Edwin Smart, born 27 Jul 1900.

2.  Jessie S. Smart, born circa 1877.

3.  Margaret C. Smart, born circa 1881.

4.  Mary Ann Smart, born circa 1884.

5.  John Smart, born circa 1888.

c.  William Christie, born 14.04.1848. Married (1) Catherine Clark (born circa 1847, died 23.05.1881, daughter of John Clark and Catherine Mavours) on 01.06.1875. Married (2) Elizabeth Low Roper (born circa 1851, died 07.09.1886, daughter of William Roper and Elizabeth Croll) on 27.10.1882. Married (3) Margaret Mitchell Fairweather (born circa 1847, daughter of James Fairweather and Elizabeth Murray) on 14.10.1887.

Children of William and Catherine:

1.  William Christie, born circa 1877.

2.  John Christie, born circa 1879.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

1.  Margaret Elizabeth Christie, born 10.05.1884.

2.  Alexander Christie, born circa 1886.

3.  Alexina Croll Christie, born 25.08.1886.

d.  Robert Cairncross Christie, born 14.07.1850.

e.  Alexander Cairncross Christie, born 04.06.1852.

f.  Georgina Cairncross Christie, born 02.07.1854.

g.  John Duthie Christie, born 17.09.1856.

h.  George Napier Christie, born 05.08.1858. Married Christina Farquharson (born circa 1854, daughter of William Farquharson and Ann Robertson) on 30.12.1898.

i.  Madora Christie, born 20.09.1859. Married William Stewart (born circa 1862) on 01.07.1892.

1.  Madora Christie, born 06.11.1878. Married Alexander Stewart (born circa 1879, son of Josiah Stewart and Margaret Waddell) on 26.08.1904. (My source then goes on to say, Madora then married William Stewart - son of Robert Stewart and Mary Aiken - on 01.06.1892. This must be wrong as it is almost the same as her mothers details.)

a.  David Stewart, born circa 1894

b.  Mary Stewart, born circa 1895.

c.  Maggie Stewart, born circa 1896.

d.  Williamina Stewart, born circa 1900.

j.  Edwin Christie, born 11.01.1863.

4.  Robert, christened 05.06.1825, died 13.06.1891 in Kelvin, Glasgow. Married (1) Elizabeth Webster Brown (born c.1833, died 13.04.1863) on 31.12.1852, (2) Lilly Ann Thomson Nicholson (born c.1830, died 10.01.1910) on 21.11.1863, Glasgow.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth:

a.  Elizabeth Cairncross, born 27.08.1859.

b.  Robert Cairncross, born 07.03.1862.

Children of Robert and Lilly:

a.  Lilly Ann Cairncross, born circa 1865.

b.  Jane Napier Cairncross, born circa 1868.

c.  Robert Cairncross, born 26.02.1871.

d.  Mary Cairncross, born 23.11.1873, died in 1874.

5.  Alexander, b. 27.06.1829, Crookieden, died 07.12.1900. Farmer. Married Jessie MacDonald (born 24.04.1841, and died 16.08.1913, daughter of Henry MacDonald and Mary Hutcheon), at Laurencekirk, Kincardine, on 16.07.1859. She was born 24.04.1941, and died 16.08.1913. Moved to Montrose. The 1871 census shows Alexander and Jessie (aged 41 and 36) living with the following of their children at Crookieden cottage. Jane, aged 12 (daughter of previous marriage), Mary Ann, 9, Isabella (Bella), 8, Betsy, 5 (listed below), William, 3 and Margaret, 1. This makes a total of 14 children. (There is a photo of this family.)(Here is a copy of Alexander’s Will, over three pages; page 1, page 2 and page 3.)

a.  Jean Cairncross, born 10.09.1858, died 27.03.1935. Married Alexander Howie (born circa 1854, son of John Howie and Margaret Smith) on 10.01.1880.

1.  John Howie, born circa 1881.

2.  Jessie Howie, born circa 1884.

3.  James Howie, born circa 1887.

4.  Alfred Howie, born circa 1889.

5.  William Howie, born circa 1890.

6.  George Howie, born circa 1892.

7.  Arthur Howie, born circa 1896.

b.  Alexander, born 29.06.1860, died 31.08.1860. Buried Marykirk Churchyard.

c.  Mary Ann, born 02.08.1861, died 07.05.1925. Married James Thomson, (born 21.05.1861, son of John Thomson and Mary Mowat) on 09.06.1882. He was born 21.05.1861. Occupation: Ploughman. (See photo of James Thomson with his granddaughter Alice McBain, taken circa 1927-28.)

1.  Isabella Thomson, born 1883, in Fordoun.

2.  Mary Ann Thomson, born 1885, in St. Cyrus.

3.  Jessie Thomson, born 13.05.1887, died 26.10.1968, Glasgow. Married Alexander McBain (born 13.10.1883 and died Mar 1956) on 11.10.1921 in Glasgow. He was born 13.10.1883 and died Mar 1956. He was a musician: an accomplished violinist and pianist, and had a beautiful singing voice. Occupation: Gamekeeper in Dumfries and Galloway, and a Railway Signalman in Glasgow.

a.  Alexander Peter McBain, born 16.01.1922 Glasgow, died May 1994. Married Jessie MacFarlane, born 26.11.1920, died May 1976.

b.  James Thomson McBain, born 02.05.1923, died 17.12.1995. Married Marysia Nowogrodski.

1.  William John McBain, married Maureen Munn.

a.  Donald McBain, born 1950. Married Christina.

1.  Caroline McBain, born 1969. Married (1) Michael, had daughter, Abigail, (2) Gary, had a son, Alex.

2.  Helen McBain, born 1975. Married Chris.

a.  Emily.

b.  Angela McBain, born 1950. Twin to Donald. Married John Bell.

1.  Robert Bell, born 1973. Partner Katherine.

a.  Andrew Bell.

2.  David Bell, born 1974.

3. Matthew Bell, born 1980.

4. Christopher Bell, born 1983. Partner Charlotte.

a.  Lewis Bell

b.  Jessica Bell

2.  Alice Margaret McBain, married Thomas Govan. Had 3 sons.

c.  William John McBain, born 30.11.1924, 21.01.1996 in Malta whilst on holiday.

d.  Alice Margaret McBain, born 19.07.1926 Glasgow. Married Thomas Govan. (See photo of Alexander, James, William and Alice, taken circa 1926, after the death of their grandmother, Mary Ann Cairncross.)

1.  Son 1 Govan.

2.  Son 2 Govan.

3.  Son 3 Govan.

4.  James Thomson, born circa 1891.

5.  Alexander Thomson, born circa 1893, killed in action between 1914-18.

6.  Charlie Thomson, born circa 1896, killed in action 12.10.1917. Married Jane Ann Grant Middleton (born circa 1885, daughter of John Middleton and Anne Birse) in Aug 1915.

7.  Frederick Thomson, born circa 1899.

8.  Margaret Thomson, born 04.12.1901.

9.  Alice Thomson, born in Montrose. (See photo of Isabella, Jessie, Margaret and Alice.)

d.  Isabella, born 09.03.1863, died 16.07.1938.

e.  Bessie (Betsy), born 07.07.1865, died 20.09.1947 at Turriff. Married John Wood Pirie (born 16.4.1864, died 06.03.1927, son of William Pirie and Jean (Jane) Marnoch Wood) on 20.03.1889. (see photo of Betsy, John, plus children Lena, Bess, Edith and Edith's husband James Stark, another photo shows Betsy with daughters Bess, Net, Edith and Lena.)

1.  Lily Jane Wood Pirie, born 08.01.1890, died 24.04.1984. Married Alexander Bain (born 10.02.1885, died 13.06.1969, son of Great-Grandfather Bain and Helen Bain) on 10.06.1915. (see photo of Alexander and Lily)

a.  John Alexander Bain M.A., born 17.11.1916, died 30.09.1999 in Western Australia. Married D'Orise Whilhelmina Henriette Timmins, (born 09.12.1920, died 24.10.2005, daughter of William James Timmins and Marie Henriette Hennecker) on 27.09.1956. (see photo of John with wife D'Orise, and parents Alexander and Lily)

1.  Alistair Peter Douglas Bain, born 20.08.1959. Married Denise Joyce Proudly (born 06.01.1960, daughter of Alan William Proudley and Joyce Cotterill) on 23.11.1985.

a.  Iain Alan Bain, born 11.12.1988.

b.  Kathryn Ellen "Katie" Bain, born 28.10.1993.

2.  William Cairncross Pirie, born 28.01.1891, died 05.08.1916 in Somme, France, in WW1 buried in Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz, Somme, France.

3.  Nettie McIntosh Pirie, born 21.01.1893, died 16.08.1959. Married Charles (Charlie) Benzies (born 29.03.1886, died 08.11.1976, son of James Benzies and Helen Halket) on 16.03.1922 in New York, USA.

a.  William (Bill) Benzies.

b.  James Leonard (Jim) Benzies. Married Arlene Korper.

1.  Alison Benzies. Married Miklos.

a.  Living Miklos 1.

b.  Living Miklos 2.

2.  Nancy Benzies. Married Stemmons.

a.  Living Stemmons 1.

b.  Living Stemmons 2.

c.  Edith Benzies. Married Steelman.

4.  Edith Pirie, born 19.07.1895. Married James Weir Stark (born 24.02.1895, son of Robert Stark and Susan Duncan Young) on 18.09.1924.

a.   Doris Stark.

b. Ronald Stark, married Sheila (died Feb 2002).

1.  Duncan Stark.

5.   5. Betsy (Bess) Pirie, born 17.08.1898. Christened Betsy, but hated the name. Wanted 'Bess' on her grave.

6.  Lena Pirie, born 14.03.1902, died 01.02.1986. Married Hugh Wilson (born 21.02.1897, died 18.10.1971, son of Hugh Wilson and Elizabeth Ann Shepherd) on 14.10.1926. (see photo of Lena and sister Bess at school.)

a.  Flora Cairncross Wilson, born 16.10.1927, died 09/10.11.1998. Married George Lindsay Thompson (born 31.05.1930, died 16.04.1967, son of Walter Alexander Thompson and Lillian Lindsay Tocher) on 25.07.1955.

1.  Aileen, born 7.2.1959. Married Andy Moore.

a.  Holly Moore.

b.  Lily Moore.

2.  Morag Cairncross Thompson, born 2 Sep 1960.

3.  Hugh, born 6.9.1962. Married Doreen Andrew. Living in New Orleans.

a.  Jack Thompson.

b.  Arran Thompson.

c.  KirstyThompson.

7.  William. (see photo). Died in war, aged 24.

f.  William Cairncross, born 10.07.1867. Farm Bailiff at Wadhurst. Married Marjory Souter (born circa 1872, daughter of John Souter and Ann Mitchell) on 11.08.1899.

1.  Jessie Cairncross, born in Mar 1900, in Sussex, died in Jun 1908 in Tonbridge, England.

2.  Margaret Cairncross, born Sep 1901, in Sussex.

3.  Alexander, born Dec 1902. Married unknown (born 31.05.1930, died 16.04.1967).

a.  Alexander William, b. 26.6.1936. m. Mauveen unknown.

1.  Iain David Cairncross, born 21.04.1965, BSc (Hons) (Civ. Eng), Kinston University, Kinston-Upon-Thames. Partner Chloe Burnett Sendall, BA, Hon, Fashion and Textiles, Brighton University.

a.  Hamish, born 05.02.2001.

b.  Angus Fredrik, born 21.06.2002.

4.  Marjory Cairncross, born Jun 1904,

5.  Thomas Cairncross, born Mar 1906.

6.  Donald Cairncross, born Dec 1907.

7.  David Cairncross.

8.  Isabella Cairncross, born Jun 1909.

9.  Williamina Cairncross, born Sep 1911.

g.  Margaret Cairncross, born 08.09.1869, died 04.02.1901. Married Andrew Chaplain (born circa 1858, died after 04.02.1901, son of Andrew Chaplin and Jessie Milne) on 06.02.1891.

1.  Jessie Chaplin, born circa 1893.

2.  Andrew Chaplin, born circa 1894.

3.  Margaret Georgina Chaplin, born circa 1897.

4.  Alexander Cairncross Chaplin, born circa 1899.

h. Georgina Cairncross, born 26.07.1871. Married Samuel Forrest Leith (born circa 1872, son of Samuel Leith and Margaret Forrest) on 06.06.1902. (Georgina kept house for Mr. Chaplin, see below).

i.  John Cairncross, born 01.09.1873. Handyman near Brechin. Married Susan Murray (born circa 1876, daughter of James Murray and Elizabeth Purvis) on 14.12.1899.

j.  Thomas Cairncross, born 05.07.1875, died in 1953. Married Flora Ann Atree (born 1883, died 1964). Went to Australia then New Zealand. Farmer. (see photo showing Thomas's family, William, 1917, Donald, 1922, Thomas, 1916, Jean, 1917, Flora, 1883, Thomas, 1875 and Allan, 1915.) photo

1.  Allan Napier Cairncross, 1915-1971. Foreman Presser, Clothing Trade. Married Stella Edith Hammond, b.1919-1974.

a.  David Allen Cairncross, born1943. Public Accountant B.Comm. Victoria Univ. Married Kay Margaret Paterson b.1946.

1.  Martin John Cairncross, born 1969, Accountant.

2.  Simon Richard Cairncross, born 13 Jan 1972. Investment Advisor. Married Myfanwy Nina Pryme, born 17 Nov 1971.

a.  Gabriella Sarah Cairncross, born 23 Jun 2003.

b.  Madeline Dale Cairncross, born 16 Nov 2005.

3.  Nicholas James Cairncross, b. 1974

b.  Colin John Cairncross, b. 1948. Welder. Married Karen Joy Kearse b.1947.

1.  Glen John Cairncross, b. 1971. Waiter. Married Karleen Anderson on 21.2.2004.

b.  Dillon Mason Cairncross, born 25.3.1994.

a.  Lachlan Jack Cairncross, born 13.5.2003.

2.  Bevan Allan Cairncross, b. 1973. Horticulturist. Married Kelly Holman on 7.10.95.

a.  Holly Karissa Sigley Cairncross, born 19.1.91.

b.  Jade Victoria Cairncross, born 16.12.93.

c.  Hannah Julia Cairncross, born 24.4.97.

d.  Olivia Paige Cairncross, born 12.10.99.

e.  Abigail Rose Cairncross, born 5.11.01.

f.  Samuel Duncan Cairncross, born 1.11.04.

3.  Lorelle Joy Cairncross, b. 1975. Nurse.

c.  Duncan Roger Cairncross, b. 1955-1998. Dvd. Salesman.

1.  Daniel Cairncross, born circa 1988.

2.  Thomas Athol Cairncross, born 1916, died 1962. Married Valerie Burns in 1947.

a.  Robin John Cairncross, b. 1954. Fitter & turner. Married Susan Edwards b.1955.

1.  Hayden John Cairncross, b. 1975. m. Sasha Dalziel.

2.  Daniel Cairncross, b. 1977

3.  Jarrad Cairncross, b. 1980

b.  Heather Cairncross, b. 1956. Married Wayne Steele (two sons and one daughter).

1.  Leisa Cairncross.

2. Christopher Cairncross.

3.  Shane Cairncross.

3.  William Alexander Cairncross, born 1917, died 1989, (twin of Jean). Married Nada Lilian Mitchell b 1921. Served RNZAF No 391395. F/O, WW2, Ex Master Builder Land Agent/Valuer. (see photo of William and Nada and family)

a.  Rosemary Jayne Cairncross, b. 1948, (Div'd) no issue. B. Ed. Perth University, W/Aus.

b.  Fraser Mitchell Cairncross, b. 1950. Registered urban Valuer. Oilrig Engineer, m. Bjorg Solberg, Bergen, Norway, 25.4.1980.

1.  Thomas Alexander Solberg Cairncross, b. 1982.

2.  Jennifer Solberg Cairncross, 1984.

c.  Grant Richard Cairncross, b. 1955. BA, Victoria University, Wgtn, NZ. MBus, Southern Cross University, NSW, Aus. m. Janet Hanlan. No issue.

4.  Jean McDonald Cairncross, b. 1917. (Twin) married Harry Hatfull.

a.  Leigh Hatfull. Married unknown de Buisson, (born 1947).

1.  Angela de Buisson

2.  Bradon de Buisson.

b.  Donald Hatfull, born 1949. Married Anne Carter.

1.  Leith Hatfull.

2.  Alec Hatfull.

3.  Harry Hatfull, born circa 1990's.

c.  Jane Hatfull. b. 1952, m. Gavin Watson.

1.  Celia Watson.

2.  Tracy Watson, born circa 1980's

5.  Donald Rennie Cairncross, 1922-1995. m. Thea McCullogh. Builder and Publican.

a.  Craig Cairncross, born 1966

b.  Blair Cairncross, born 1969

k.  Alexander Cairncross, born 09.06.1877. Employed at Montrose Brewery. Married Jeannie Petrie Skelton (born circa 1883, daughter of David Skelton and Rebecca Young) on 05.06.1903. (Here is a family photo of Alexander, Jeannie and their daughters, L-R, Ina, Rebecca and Minnie, and here is a photo of the grave of Alexander and Jeannie.)

1.  Jennie Cairncross, born 26.06.1903

2.  John Cairncross, born 19.07.1904.

3.  Minnie Cairncross, born 03.11.1905. Married Mr Still.

4.  James Cairncross, married Mary West. (see photo of young James with sisters Minnie, Rebecca and Ina.)

a.  a. Alexander (Sandy) Cairncross, born 15.03.1941. Married (1) Muna Hood, (2) Patricia Ann Lish, in 1968, (3) Sue Cotton, (4) Eileen Brand. Alexander lives in New Zealand with current wife Eileen, but was originally from Montrose, Scotland.

Children of Alexander and Patricia:

1.  Sarah Cairncross, born 23 Aug 1970. Married 4 Sep 1993 to Nicholas Robert Wood, divorced 10 May 2011.

a.  Chloe Cairncross-Wood, born 11 Aug 1994.

b.  Spencer Cairncross-Wood, born 3 Apr 1997.

2.  Alexander Ronald James Cairncross, born 13 Apr 1972. Lives in Sydney, Australia.

Children of Patricia's previous marriage:

1.  Nicola Cairncross, born 29 Sep 1961. Married Irving Soremekun. Occupation: Wealth Coach.

a.  Phoebe.

b.  Nelson.

2.  Heather Cairncross, born 18 Jan 1964. Occupation: International Opera and classical singer.

3.  Sarah, born 1970 (?).

b.  Norma Cairncross, married Dobson.

c.  Irene Cairncross, married McLenan.

5.  Rebecca Cairncross, married Taylor. (see photo of Rebecca with Minnie, Ina and James. Rebecca is standing on left of photo. )

6.  Ina Jane Cairncross, born 18 Jul 1912, married Alexander Mitchell (born 11 Jul 1910) on 27 Nov 1940. Ina died 22 Jun 1997, and Alexander died 28 Mar 1967. (Here is a photo of Ina and Rebecca as young ladies, and another photo of Ina with Mary and James, and Alexander Thomas Cairncross, see below.)

a.  Maureen Cairncross Mitchell, born 10 Feb 1945. Married James Smith on 17 Oct 1964.

1.  Kevin James Smith, born 23 Oct 1968. Married Wendy Smith.

a.  Kyle Smith, born 29 Jun 1992.

b.  Abbie Smith, born 2 Jul 1996.

2.  Michael Alexander Smith, born 11 Aug 1970. Married Sara Fitchett.

a.  Niamh Alexandra Smith, born 10 Jun 2000.

b.  Keira Jane Smith, born 1 Feb 2004.

3.  Edward John Smith, twin to Michael. Married Debbie Harper.

a.  Jacob Edward Smith, born 18 Feb 2004.

b.  Heidi Scarlett Smith, born 16 Jun 2006.

l.  Donald Cairncross, born 28.07.1879, in Crookieden parish of Fordoun. Emigrated to Canada, died 16.11.1968, (buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto) as a result of a factory accident. Married Marion Kent, who died 28.11.1968.

1.  Alexander Thomas Cairncross, b. Toronto 31.7.1908. BSc. Queens University, Kingston, Ontario. 1931. Married Helen Mary Lousley MD, born 1908, died 30.01.191. A Graduate of Univ.of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 1934. Helen was in China 1934-39, Chengtu, Szechuan, West China University and West China Women's Hospital. She died 30.01.91. Alexander was in West & Central China 1934-38. He worked in Highways and Communications in Shanghai, China 1947-50, Aluminium Rolling Mill. He was hired by Madame Chung Kai Chek to lay out roads in central and west China, so Chung's armies could better fend of the red Chinese led by Mao Tse Tung. Alexander died in August 1999, and is buried in Park Lawn Cemetery, Toronto. (There is a photo of Alexander and Helen, plus May and James Cairncross, and Nada and Bill Cairncross .)

a.  Heather Ann Cairncross, b.15.3.1944. Married Johnson.

b.  Wendy Jean Cairncross, b. 16.4.1946. Married Stewart Alexander Hennick, Waterloo. Died in July 2004.

c.  Alexander Cameron Cairncross, b.4.9.1948. Went to University of Guelph. B.Sc. Manager of Facilities for the City of Coquitlam in British Columbia, Canada. Married Brenda Joyce Elliott 25.8.1951.

1.  Megan Mary Cairncross, born 01.03.1982.

2.  Thomas Kent Cairncross, born 07.03.1984.

2.  James Kent Cairncross, b. Toronto 16.9.1910. Died 22.07.1984. Married Mary Dunn. (see photo of James and May, plus Alexander and Helen, and Nada and Bill)

3.  Donald Klien Cairncross, born 28.06.1914. Twin to Gordon. Died 17.09.1915.

4.  Gordon Cairncross, twin to Donald Klien. Died 28.07.1914, aged 1 month.

m.  Rebecca Cairncross, born 23.07.1881, married Andrew Thomas Hogg (born circa 1882, son of Andrew Thomas Hogg and Mary Ann Greig) on 22.07.1908.

n.  James Cairncross, born 22.02.1884, died Bognor 1966. Worked in Hong Kong as a Merchant Banker. Was a clerk in Auchenblae bank previously. Chartered Bank in India, Australia & Asia circa 1930-40. Bangkok, Siam, then London. Married Olive Hunter.

1.  Neil Francis Cairncross, born 29.07.1920. Married Eleanor Elizabeth Liesten, in 1947. Barrister House of Lords (in Who's Who). [See section on "Noteable Cairncrosses] (See this photo of Neil, wife Eleanor, and an old friend. Neil and Eleanor are both 93 when the photo was taken.)

a.  Julia Cairncross, married Pearce, had two daughters, Sarah & Kate. Now married to Chris Wallace (they circumnavigated World by yacht "Perdika" 1999/2002).

1.  Sarah Pearce.

2.  Kate Pearce.

b.  Ian Alexander Cairncross, born 26 Jan 1950. Married Sarah Mallord. Sarah and Ian have divorced, and Sarah has now married another Ian.

1.  James Alexander Cairncross, b. 1980

2.  Robert Cairncross, b. 1984.

c.  David Cairncross.

(There are 2 daughters originally listed, attributed to Alexander and Jessie, not appearing in the latest document sent to me, and which this family tree has been updated from. They are Bella, died Auchenblae, and Jean, married Mr. Howie.)

6.  George Cairncross, born 02.05.1833, died circa 1871 in Hexham, Victoria, Australia. Married Eliza Sarah Dyer (born c.1832, died 1900, daughter of David Dyer and Mary Hanbury) in 1862 in Ballarat, Victoria.

(Note: A visit to '', link to the Bain Family, shows the family of Alexander Cairncross and Jessie McDonald with the following children: 1.unknown, 2. unknown, 3. unknown, 4. unknown, 5. Bella, 6. Margaret, died 1901, 7. unknown, 8. Donald, died Canada, 9. Alexander, born Jun 29 1860, 10. Betsy (or Bessie), born Jul 07 1865, died Sep 20 1947, married John Pirie, 11. John, born Sep 01 1873, 12. Thomas, born 1875, died 1953, 13. James, born 1884, died 1966.)

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