Family Of George Cairncross born 1868.

George, b 1868 d. 30.4.1941. m. Margaret Mutter at Ratho 10th June 1887. She died 10.7.34.

1. Thomas Russell b. 1893 Edinburgh. m. Molly Nicholson. Lived in Toronto.

a. Margaret, known as Rita, m. Roper.

b. Mary, known as May.

2. Andrew, born 1889. Lost at sea Oct 4, 1916, aged 26. (Here is Andrew’s CWGC record of commemoration.)

3. Nellie, lived in Scotland.

4. Elizabeth, lived in Scotland.

5. Margaret, lived in Scotland.

6 Annie, m. Duke. Lived in Scotland.

7. Agnes, m. John. D. Goulding. Lived in Scotland.

8. George, known as Pop. Living in Australia. b. Primrose, Leith, 1902/03. Sailed in the "Crown Scotland" at South Shields to San Francisco. Went to Australia on "The Cooper" 1911/12. Was ship's Bosun. Worked for Queensland Railway 1912/50. m. Jessie Wardrop b. 23.12.1885.

a. George, b. 11.9.09 in Scotland. m. Jean Snedden.

1. Peter.

2. Daphne.

b. James Thomson, b. 11.5.1914.m. Elsin Ellinor Watson 1941. Lives in Australia.

1. Neville James, b. 14.2.44 m Elizabeth.

2. Keith Watson, b. 11.1.46

3. Lindsey Ellina, b. 11.2.49.

c. Andrew Thomas, b. 18.11.1915. m. Evelyn Bolden.

1.  Garth Robert, born 22 Jul 1952. Married Lucille Fay Buising in Jun 1976.

a.  Amos Ivan, born 8 Aug 1978. Married Natalie Hansen on Sep 21 2008.

1.  Isabella Jude, born Apr 29 2009.

b.  Mace Quin, born 8 Aug 1978.

c.  Jocelyn Naomi, born 23 Apr 1980.

2. Jennifer Margaret, born Apr 1954. Married Alan David Ross.

a.  Joseph, born 18 Nov 1977.

b.  Karen, born Nov 1980.

d. Margaret Mutter, b. 19.10.1922 n. Cook.

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