Family of 3 brothers, John, George & Unknown

John, born 1807. Died 22.11.1869. Married Jane Hall. Died 22.11.1892. John was a Machine Cleaner.

a. Robert, born. 1843. Hosiery Warehouseman, died 1890. Married Ann Waldie 10.11.1868, Hawick. Died 22.7.1923.

1. John, bachelor, sometime resident in India, died 5.8.1916?

2. Robert served in the Royal Scots. WW1.

a. James D, b. in Hawick. Served in the Royal Engineers WW2. No. 110314, was a Cpl. in the 9th Field Company RE and took part in Operation Freshman, a Commando Raid on the Vemork Heavy Water Plant near Rjukan in Norway. His glider crash landed and he was captured by the Gestapo, tortured and murdered, his body being thrown into the nearby Fjord,19.11.42. A memorial to the men who died on the raid has been erected in Stavanger.

b. 4 daughters resident in Hawick, Jean, Mary, Ann, ?.

3. George, b.2.8.1886. Married Hannah Murray 27.12. 1907, Hawick. b. 1887 died 1949.

a. Robert, b. 2.5.1908. Died 18.10.1924. Bachelor.

b. George Gunn, b. 14.4.1909. Died 28.10.1970. (Twin). Director of Hosiery, Hawick. Married Mary McInroy 16.7.1934.

1. Helen, born. 28.4.1937, Dundee. m. Allan Ferguson.30.7.1960. 2 daughters.

2. Robert George, b. 6.1.1944. Went to Aberdeen University. (Doctor).

c. John, (Twin). b..14.4.1909. Died. 21.10.1963. Hosiery Manager, Hawick.

d. Hannah, b. 21.4.1911 m. Thomas Gray, Calcutta 18.3.1933. No family.

e. Thomas, b. 15.10.1917. Died. 21.1.1918, Lanark.

f. James, b.2.5.1913, Hawick. m. Dorothy Rodgers.

1. Sheila, b. 23.9.1941 m. Doris.Teacher.

2. James Rodgers, b. 1946.

3. Dorothy Nancy, b.28.9.49 Belfast. m. Gsheidle.

g. William Lumsden, b.1921. m Margaret Robertson. No family. Worked for the Foreign Office. Served in WW2, Merchant Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. Holds the 1939/45 Star/Atlantic Star and Clasp/Italy Star/ Burma Star. Died. April 1972. Bude.

h. Murray Waldie, b. Norwich 11.12.1930. m. Willow Ireland 24.10.1953, Dundee. Was a Civil Engineer.

1. Murray Lumsden.,b. 18.10.1954. Dundee. Bar Manager.

2. Jennifer, born 4.7.1959, Dundee.

3. Jill, born 31.8.1960 Dundee.

4. James Dobson, b. 1890. d. 1908.

5. 6 daughters - Jane Hall, Isabella, Alice Hay - 3 unknown.

b. John, born 11.12. 1853 at Pathead. d. 1917.

1. Kate and one other daughter name unknown.

c. 2 daughters.

George details unknown.

Unknown brother.

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