Family of a William Cairncross.

(Thanks go to Lisa Marie Cairncross, who sent me details of this family tree during emails dated Jun 2012, enabling me to amend/update the tree.)


A. Harry Shepherd, born 1858. Possibly from Montrose. Married Georgina Dunn of Montrose, at the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Cardiff, 24.11.1880. (The two witnesses George & Annie Woolf were probably on the SS Melite as he is listed as working on ships in the 1881 Census). Harry and Georgina lived at 18 Ripon St, Gateshead. Georgina was listed in the Census as "Cattincross" and living on her own at the time of the Census. At 69 Ripon St. lived the Thomason family and at the time of the Census a William Cairncross was visiting them. He was age 26, unmarried, described as an "Engineer Artizan" and born in Montrose. Catherine Thomason, the mother of 7 children, was listed as age 36 and was also born in Montrose. There may some family relationship between William, Catherine Thomason and Harry Shepherd Cairncross but this needs more work on. Died. 25.2.1931. (see Marriage Certificate between Harry and Georgina)

1. William, b. 1880/1881. (He was not living with his mother at 18 Ripon St, Gateshead at the time of the 1881 Census - and could have been born later.) William served in the 1st Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment and was killed in action on 26 December 1914 near Bethune, Northern France, and was buried at the "Post Office Rifles Cemetery", Festubert, Pas de Calais (Grave ref. II B 2. Here is a photo of the cemetery supplied by George Cairncross). The family story is that he entered a house he thought was empty but found a group of Germans who shot him. (See the photo of his grave, plus a close-up of the same photo.)

2. Anne, b.1882, Gateshead. (see Birth Certificate). Annie married Albert Maddox Partridge on 26 Dec 1907, only two days before her brother George's wedding. (see Marriage Certificate.)

a. Constance Evelyn, b. 19.1.1909 in Gloucester, m. Richard Howarth. Currently living in Falmouth.

b. Doris Nancy, b. 3.3.1911 in Gloucester, m. Frederick Matthias.

1. Jennifer Rae Matthias, b. 11.6.1937, m. Allan Wilson.

a. Richard David Wilson, b. 30.4.1971.

b. Andrew Jonathan Wilson, b. 25.4.1973.

c. Winfred Grace, b. 11.12.1913, m. Osmond David Maguire on 1.11.1942, d. 27.5.2000.

1. Brendan Paul Maguire, b. 8.5.1947 in Gloucester, m. Marion Wertheim 1.4.1976 in London.

2. Patrick Eugene Maguire, b. 9.9.1948 in Gloucester, m. Linda Margaret Shearer in Hull on 1.6.1976.

a. James Patrick, b. 28.9.1977.

b. David Maddox, b. 3.4.1980.

c. Paul William, b. 26.2.1985.

3. Harry Baird, b. 31.7.1893 in Gateshead. d.10.6.1967. Served his apprenticeship in Gloucester as a moulder with Fielding & Platts Ltd, 6th June 1902 for 2.1/2 years. Then moved to Newport, Mon. Worked in the mines for a short time. Then joined the Mercantile Marine, June 1912~June 1915. From Oct. 1915-March 1919 served in the Royal Engineers in the Inland Water Transport Unit and was discharged as a Sgt. Received the British War Medal and the Mercantile Marine medal. Married (1) Mary Letita Sedger (b.22.5.1886) on 23.7.1919. Mary from St. Ishmael, Pembrokeshire, (2) Olive, following the death of Mary, they lived in South Wales. He worked on a Wartime Aerodrome at Dale in WW2 as a Stoker and served in the Home Guard.

a. Muriel Mary Baird, b. 24.7.1920, d. 07.04.1997. Married Francis William Oxley 7.12.42. Worked on a wartime aerodrome at Dale, Pembrokeshire as a shorthand typist and driver for the Air Minstry.

1.  Carolyn Mary Oxley, born 18.05.1947, married Jeffery Lee, born 09.11.1946, on 04.09.1969. They now live in South Africa.

a.  Robert Lee, born 16.10.1971, married Tracey Alexander.

1.  Lauren Lee, born July 2004.

2.  Mandy Lee, born 1 Aug 2007.

b.  Bronwyn Mary Lee, born 21.09.1977, married Devon Carl David Troskie.

1.  Dayne Troskie, born 22 Nov 2006.

2.  Robert Thomas Baird Oxley, born 01.06.1949, married Carolyn Anderson, born 17.02.1954, on 05.03.1977.

a.  Kelly Marie Oxley, born 12.04.1981. Partner Daniel Reed.

1.  Thomas William Oxley-Reed born 27 Oct 2008.

b. John Baird, b. 13.10.1922, died April 1976. Born in Scotland. Lived in Taunton and at age 16 joined the Somerset Light Infantry and served throughout WW2 as a despatch Rider. On demob became a long-distance lorry driver. Later, a bus driver. John married Joyce Nellie Coombs, born 04.08.1917, died 03.07.1993. Yeovil Register Office in June 1943. John separated from Joyce in 1947 and co-habited with Ethel Isabella Mary, born 8.4.1925.

Children of John and Joyce:

1. Sylvia Mary Farthing, born 16.08.1944, married Cyril Farthing. 20.12.72

a. Paul William Farthing, born 15.05.1978, married Jacqueline Spencer (Canadian citizen) in Tokyo 24.12.03

2. Judith Anne, born 21.02.1948, married Paul Row.

a. Joanne Clare Row, born 18.08.1978.

b. Robin Paul Row, born 22.02.1980.

Children of John and Ethel:

1. Keith, b. 31.8.1947, m.Patricia Green, b. 20.10.1947 in Portsmouth.Living in China.

a. Stuart, b. 21.4.1972. m. 1999. Aleksandra. Living in Germany.

1. Kenneth (stepson to Stuart)

2. Ian Francis

a. Finn, born 21.09.2005.

b. Christopher, b. 10.1.1978. Living in Germany.

c. Anthony Keith, b. 25.5.1983. Living in Germany.

4. Mabel, b. 1893 Gateshead. m. Middleton, lived in Gwent. Was a Red Cross Driver WW1.

5. Jessie, m. Weston. b. Tilehurst.

6. Ernest, born 18, Ripen St. Gateshead 6.4.1891. Was in the RFC before WW1. Lived in Farnborough, Hants. Occupation: Steam Engine Fitter. Died Farnham Surrey County Hospital 6.4.1975. Married Winifred Mabel Dancer. Died Leamington Spa, Warwicks. 5.10.1894. Died 20.2.1978.

a. Frederick William, b. Gloucester 12.5.1919. Christened St. Mary de Gode Church at Gloucester, 30.5.1919, by rev. A.C.Macklin.

b. Linda Mary, b. Plymouth 8.7.1920. Christened at St.Andrew Church, Plymouth 25.7.1920 by Curate Arthur C.Kodden. Died.27.1.1923 at Ramleh Palestine.

c. Doreen Georgina, b. Ludd, Palestine 27.9.1923. Died. 27.11.1923 at Ramleh, Palestine.

d. Winifred Joan, b. Ludd, Palestine 28.2.1925 m. J.Hayes at St. flarks Parish Church, South Farnborough 11.11.1950.

e. Gerald Ernest.,b. Halton. Bucks RAF Hospital 3.11.1928. m. Joyce Emily Frances Hayden. Divorced. m. Jacqueline Anne Harding b.6.10.1942.

1. Philip Gerald, b. Farnborough & Cove War memorial Hospital Farborough, 26.3.1953

2. Elaine Joyce, b. 25, Marrowbrook Lane, Cove, Farnborough, 25.5.1956. Christened at St. Marks Parish Church South Farnborough.

3. Andrew Gerald, b. Southampton General Hospital 24.4.1965. Christened at the Church of the Ascension. Bitterne Park, Southampton 25.7.1965. Christened at St. Marks Parish Church. S. Farnborough. by Rev D.S.Yerburgh.

4. Stuart Mark, b. 23.4.1968, 91A, Lakefield Road, Midanbury, Southampton. Christened at Church of the Ascension. 28.7.1968. Emigrated to New Zealand.

f. George Ronald, born Halton Bucks RAF Hospital, 3.11.1928. Twin to Gerald Ernest. Married Joyce. George, and twin brother Gerald were Stokers, and boxed while in the Navy. Thereafter both were Policeman for Hampshire Constabulary. George won a medal for bravery for saving a young boys life.

1. Richard George, b. 25.5.1955, in Romsey, Hants.

2. Julie Margaret, b. 20.3.1959, in Gosport, Hants. Had a career in the Army. Married Alexander Kerswell.

a. Alexandria.

b. Abigale.

3. Stephen John, born 22.5.1964. Married (1) Susan Michelle Burrows, (2) Lynn Faye Stone (nee Palmer). Currently living with partner, Aimee Louise Farrant and her 3 children, in Yeovil.

Children of Stephen and Susan:

a. Lisa Marie, born 27 Jan 1990.

b. Michael John, born 24 Apr 1992.

Children of Stephen and Lynn:

c. Sophie Jade, born 20 Oct 1993.

d. Shannon Jay, born 13 Aug 1995, died 13 Aug 1995.

g. Maurice, born 11.11.1930, in Ducksford. Married June. Maurice died 10.11.1992 in Farnborough, Hants. Maurice was in the army.

1. Christine, born 1955(?).

2. David, born 1957.

3. Pamela, born 1960.

4. John, born 1970. Married Suzanne.

a. Abigail, born 16.04.1998.

b. Stephen, born 10.10.2000.

h. Margaret, twin to Maurice.

i. Joan, married Jack Hayes.

a. Lesley.

b. Janet.

7. George, b. Gateshead 22.7.1885. d. 25.12.1966. m. Alice Ellen Williams of Gloucester at Parish of All saints Church 28.12.1907. Was an engine fitter. Then worked for a firm making steamrollers. Then went to the Moreland Match Factory, then to South Wales and worked in the Mines. Was a member of the British Legion and was made a life member, also a member the R.A.0.B. Served in WWI and was wounded by shrapnel in the shoulder. Was at Deep Navigation Colliery, as a pulley man until his later years when he became a pit telephone operator. Private in the 5th Dorsetshire Regt WW1.

a. Hubert Lionel Henry, b.14.8.1908. d. Aberdare Hospital 8.7.1976. m.Sarah Reynolds, b. 26.12.1932

1. June Rose, m. White DCM, Coxwain of the MTB 241 WW2. Adopted by Filey.

2. Joy Lorraine, m. James.

3. Idwal Samuel George, killed in a road accident 1948, March lst.

4. Christine, m. Davies.

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