Family of Daniel Cairncross, born 1829.

(This family tree has been re-written from information provided by Nicky Jensen (nee Cairncross), in emails dated 20 Oct 2010. She provides a family tree written in the Ancestry format which takes it back two generations. The original tree began with Daniel George Cairncross, born 1875, underlined below, and this version still forms the basis for this new tree. However, there are discrepancies between the two trees, and where these exist, I have added notes to explain these. To differentiate the notes from everything else, I have placed these in square brackets, thus [ ]. The notes compare the content of both trees where they differ, and will also cover where no information exists in one or other version, as relevant. I have used O= to describe the original, and N= to describe the new.)

Daniel Cairncross was born 1229 in Liff & Benvie, Forfarshire, Scotland, and died Dec 8, 1891 in Tinwald, (near Ashburton) New Zealand. He married Agnes Robertson May 21, 1853 in Liff Benvie and Invergowrie, Angus, Scotland, daughter of James Robertson and Isabella Robertson. She was born 1833 in Liff & Benvie, Forfarshire, Scotland, and died Jul 23, 1898 in Tinwald, New Zealand. Though his baptism register cannot be found to confirm, it is believed that Daniel's parents were David Cairncross and Elspet Peters who were married in Meigle, Perthshire, Scotland on Dec 3, 1814. (Elspet is also used as a shortened name for Elizabeth). Meigle is only about 25 miles north of Liff and about the same for Dundee. David and Elspet had at least 3 other children, John Cairncross in 1825, Helen in 1826 and David in 1831, and in the 1841 census for Scotland, the family were living in Tyehill, in the parish of Dundee in Angushire. (Note: from around this time the county of Forfarshire was renamed Angushire). Young Daniel by 1841 had already left home to earn an income and was aged 13, living as a farm servant at Pitmiddle, Kinnaird, Perthshire with the family of David Donaldson, his wife Magdaline, four young children plus other farm servants. Pitmiddle is now abandoned but still partly survives. It is near Kinnaird village, about 15 miles from Dundee, between Dundee and Perth.
Daniel, by 1851 is still working on a farm named Liff Loch in the parish of Liff & Benvie, aged 23 (though his name in the census indexes has been mistranscribed as "Donald". (Note: There is no Donald Cairncross born, lived or died in Scotland in the timeframe of Daniel's life - and this is definitely a mistranscription!) Two years later he met and married Agnes Roberson who was born in Liff and they married in the May of 1853 in the Liff parish church. (Here is a copy of their marriage notice.)
Over the next six or seven years they raised four children while Daniel worked on various farms, and then decided to emigrate to New Zealand. They arrived May 9, 1860 in Lyttleton aboard the ship "Gananoque". It had sailed from London on Feb 9, 1860. The passenger list showed, "Daniel Cairncross 31. Origin, Forfar, Scotland. Occupation, Ploughman. Wife, Agnes 27, and children Agnes 8, George 5, John 3 and David 1". Here are the actual passenger lists; page 1, and page 2. At least three other children were born in New Zealand, Elspet, Ellen and Daniel, although the New Zealand birth indexes show three additional children born between 1865 and 1873 who were still-born, and parents names are not listed. Daniel and Agnes remained in the area of Tinwald, near Ashburton all of their lives.

a. Agnes Cairncross, born 1853, Angus, Scotland. She married Peter Whitelaw 1871 in New Zealand. He was born about 1841 and died 1895 in New Zealand.

1. Agnes Ann Whitelaw, born 1872.

2. James Whitelaw, born 1875.

3. Peter Whitelaw, born 1877.

4. Alexander George Whitelaw, born 1879.

5. Isabella Sarah Whitelaw, born 1882 .

6. William Andrew Whitelaw, born 1885.

7. Euphemia Elizabeth Whitelaw, born 1888.

8. Donald Whitelaw, born 1890.

b. George Cairncross, born 1855, Angus, Scotland.

c. John Anton Cairncross, born Jan 18, 1856, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Died Apr 27, 1892, Tinwald, New Zealand. John is buried in Ashburton Cemetery. He died aged 35 but it is not known if he married.

d. David Robertson Cairncross, born Aug 2, 1858, Dundee, Angus, Scotland. Died Aug 23, 1935, Fielding, New Zealand. He married Dorah Dorothy Moriarty in 1888 in Ashburton, New Zealand. She was born in 1867 in Tralee, Ireland, and died Apr 17, 1964 in New Zealand, aged 97 years. In the 1893 Electoral Roll, David, Dorah, Annie and Sarah Cairncross are listed together in Tinwald (Rangitata District). [O= original version lists David's wife as Dorothy Moriarty born Dec 10, 1860. There is no date of death listed.]

1. (Unnamed) Cairncross, born Oct 9, 1890, Tinwald, New Zealand, died Oct 9, 1890. [O= original version does not list this un-named child.]

2. Samuel John Cairncross, born Jan 19, 1893, Tinwald, New Zealand, died Dec 22, 1930, aged 37 years. He married Emily Elizabeth Tollis in 1913. Samuel was a jockey and reported on races in Wellington in 1909. [O= original version does not list Samuel's wife. N= new version only lists one child, Samuel David, born 1913.]

a. Samuel David Frederick Cairncross, born Oct 10, 1913 at Marton, NZ, and died Mar 4, 1976 at Porirua, NZ. He married Lucy. Samuel was a well known artist and art teacher. He was working as a 30 year old porter at Wellington Hospital when he began to paint. He won a scholarship to study and paint in France around 1948 and was later referred to as New Zealand's Van Gough. Samuel was well known for his realist modern paintings., using vigorous full-brush work and bright colours, painting the environment around him and being known particularly for his street scenes of Wellington in the 1950s and 1960s. [N= new version does not list Samuel's wife, Lucy, but does give all the career details above.]

1. Jane Elizabeth Cairncross, born Jan 20, 1938. Married Tietzens.

2. Janet Cecily Cairncross, born Dec 7, 1939. Married Olsen.

a. Tarnia Olsen. Married McCullock.

3. Patricia Cairncross, born Jun 14, 1941. Married Maddock.

b. John Ralph Cairncross, born Feb 14, 1915 at Marton. Occupation: Glasscutter.

c. Cecil Albert Cairncross, born Oct 3, 1917 at Wellington. Occupation: Bootmaker.

3. Annie Agnes Cairncross, born 1896 at Tinwald, New Zealand.

4. (Unnamed) Cairncross, born Nov 12, 1897, Tinwald, New Zealand, died Nov 12, 1897.

e. Elspet Cairncross, born 1861, New Zealand. This Cairncross daughter's birth was registered as "Elspet", however it is believed that she married in 1886 as "Elsie" Cairncross to a John Gudsell and died in 1912.

f. Ellen Cairncross, born 1863, New Zealand.

g. Daniel George Cairncross, born 1875, Selwyn, Canterbury, NZ. Died 1957. He married Elizabeth May Keeble Jul 7, 1917 in Wellington, NZ, daughter of Stephen Keeble and Naomi Avery. She was born May 1, 1882 in Wellington, NZ, and died Jun 17, 1973 in Awapuni, Palmerston North, NZ. (See photo of Elizabeth, plus one of Elizabeth and Daniel, where he is holding one of their grandchildren. It is not stated which one. This is a copy of the marriage certificate of Daniel and Elizabeth; it shown in 2 halfs – left and right.) No birth certificate was ever found for Cecil Norman Cairncross, and Daniel may not be his legitimate father, as Daniel and Elizabeth Keeble married 15 years later. There is a birth registered for an Alexander in 1906 to an Elizabeth May Keeble (father "not recorded") and a birth for a James Daniel Keeble in 1905 with the father recorded as "James". All three of these births may have been illegitimate, but have been collectively entered as children of Daniel Cairncross and Elizabeth Keeble until further investigation. Daniel's occupation in 1924 is given as Labourer. [O= the original version states Daniel was born in Timaru, South Island, plus agrees with the marriage to Elizabeth Keeble.]

1. Cecil Norman Cairncross, born Jul 12, 1902, Wellington, NZ, died Jul 24, 1983, Wanganui Hospital, NZ. He married Evelyn Margaret Holland Oct 24, 1924 in Marton, District of Rangitikei, NZ, daughter of Michael Holland and Veronica Baker. She was born 1905 in Rongotea, NZ, (near Palmerston Nth), NZ, and died Mar 8, 1941 in Wanganui Hospital, NZ. His occupation in 1924 (on Marriage Certificate), Cordial Manufacturer's Assistant, living in Marton. Evelyn's occupation in 1924 (on Marriage Certificate) Housemaid, living in Marton. (See a photo of Cecil. Here is a copy of the marriage certificate for Cecil and Evelyn. It has been scanned in 2 parts; LH and RH.)[O= original version lists year of birth as 1906. N= new version gives 1902.]

a. Lesley Norman Cairncross, born Nov 7, 1924, Marton, NZ, died Mar 7, 2008, NZ. He married (1) Winifred Millicent about 1950 in NZ. She was born Oct 20, 1924, and died Oct 8, 1981 in Palmerston North Public Hospital, NZ, (2) Ethnee Denise George, Nov 1982. Deceased. Then a partner named Nuku who died Dec 26, 2007. Lesley's occupation: Railway Employee, guard for NZR. [O= Original version lists both wives and partner. N= new version only lists Lesley's first wife.] (See a photo of Lesley.)

1. Barbara Cairncross, married to David Carroll Anderson. Barbara died Jan 12, 2008. [N= new version lists only Barbara's name, and does not list any of Barbara's children or grandchildren.]

a. Judy Anderson, born Nov 29, 1958.

b. Norman Anderson, born May 3, 1960.

1. Bradley Ivan Anderson, born Dec 14, 1992.

2. Jacob Anderson, born Dec 10, 1993.

3. Tayla Jane Anderson, born Mar 26, 1999.

c. Gavin Anderson, born Jul 12, 1968.

1. Analise Anderson, born Jul 4, 1987.

2. David Corroll Anderson.

d. Lional Anderson, born Jun 21, 1961.

1. Zeke Anderson, born Dec 30, 1990.

2. Dana Sue Anderson, born Jul 28, 1994.

e. David Anderson, born Jan 28, 1965.

1. David James (D.J.) Anderson, born May 4, 1992.

2. Leana Barbara Anderson, born Oct 5, 1994.

f. Russell Anderson, born Sep 28, 1977.

2. Edward George Cairncross, born Jul 5, 1949. NZR employee. Married Clare Anderson. Divorced 1987. [N= new version lists Edward's birth year as 1950, and lists no children or grandchildren.]

a. Tania Cairncross, born Sep 12, 1970 in Palmerston North. Married on Jan 22, 2000 to Marshell Putu, born Jan 14, 1967.

1. Teghan Putu, b. Jun 30, 2001.

2. Corban Putu, b. Jun 30, 2001.

b. Leanne Cairncross, born Jan 4, 1973 in Palmerston North. Married on Oct 24, 1998 to Craig Strong, born Mar 7, 1973. Divorced in 2005, now engaged to Vinny Dunne.

1. Jesse, born Jun 8, 1994.

2. Tuveni, born Nov 3, 1997.

3. Zac, born Jul 5, 2001.

3. Eric Lesley Cairncross, born Oct 22, 1950. He married (1) Ann Humphrey, divorced, (2) Bonnie Ford, and (3) Catherine June Cotton. [N= new version only mentions Eric's first wife.]

Children of Eric and Ann Humphrey.

a. Nicky Cairncross, born Apr 25, 1970. Married Paul James Jensen. (Nicky’s first 3 children listed are from a previous partner, Paul is the father of the last 2.) [N= new version lists no children or grandchildren for Nicky and Paul.]

1. Shara Anne Cairncross, born Apr 24, 1987. Partner is Victor.

a. Ayla Vere, born Aug 6, 2008

b. Taye Antonius, born Mar 19, 2010.

2. Kane Leslie Cairncross, born Oct 24, 1988.

3. Jaden James Cairncross, born Oct 24, 1988.

4. Shakira Spring Cairncross-Jensen, born Dec 2, 1995.

5. Amba Teresa Cairncross-Jensen, born May 15, 2001.

b. Katrina Cairncross, born Dec 2, 1971. Partner is Peter. [N= new version lists year of birth as 1972, and does not list partner or children.]

1. Billy Joseph Taeri, born Jun 25, 1998.

2. Aroha Joan, born Jan 23, 2007.

c. Darryn Cairncross, born Aug 26, 1975.

4. Stephen Brett Cairncross, born Feb16, 1954. Married to (1) Kathy Edwards, born Apr 26, 1956, (2) Christine George, born Dec 15, 1958, divorced 1982, and (3) Charlene Fenton, divorced. [N= new version lists nothing of Stephen, his wives, children or grandchildren.]

Children of Stephen and Kathy Edwards:

a. Jason Shaun Michael Cairncross, born Jan 18, 1975. Partner, Janine Sadie Ryder, born Nov 30, 1969. Jason now has new partner, Tania Kilpatrick.

1. Sean Lee Cairncross, born Dec 28, 1995, in Aukland, New Zealand. Sean's mother is Janine.

2. Ella Frances Kilpatrick Cairncross, born Jan 1, 2012. Ella's mother is Tania.

3. Jackson John Lesley Cairncross, born Jul 4, 2014.

4. Jordan Leon Nicholas Cairncross, born 22 Nov 2017.

Children of Stephen and Christine George:

a. Carla Cairncross, born Mar 15, 1981. Partner, Shane Malcolm, born Jun 8, 1979.

a. Tristan Blithe Desmond Johnson, born Jan 31, 2000.

b. Tori Anne Denice Malcolm, born Mar 11, 2003.

Children of Stephen and Sharlene Fenton:

a. David Lesley Fernard Cairncross, born 1986.

(Stephen has another son named Ryan John Leslie, born Jun 22, 2002, by partner Cindy Bonnar. He also has a daughter, Adrianne Byford, born 1989, by partner Leon Wilson. Adrianne now has a daughter, Isabella Jessica-Shaw, born May 2, 2013.))

5. Leslie Ann Cairncross. born Aug 29, 1958, died Aug 31, 1958.

6. Wendy Elizabeth Cairncross, born Jun 15, 1960, single.

7. Maria Anne Cairncross, Born Jul 12, 1963. Married Dennis Barnett Dec 4, 1992. Divorced Sep 10, 1998.

a. Hayley Denise TeTau, born Sep 8, 1987.

b. Estelle V. M. Cairncross, born Jan 27, 1926 at Fielding, NZ, died Mar 12, 1996 at Palmerston Nth, NZ. Married Nottle, 2 sons and 1 daugter. [O= original version does not give date of birth or death. N= new version does not list husbands name or any reference to the sons or daughter.]

c. Merle Irene Cairncross, born Aug 12, 1927, Marton, NZ, died Oct 5, 1993, Hastings, NZ. Married (1) Merlyn Vincent Schou (born Mar 31, 1922 at Dannevirke township) on Nov 11, 1943. He died Nov 9, 1969. Married (2) Alan Radford in 1976. [N= new version does not list either husband and does not list any children or grandchildren.]

1. Rodney Kennith Schou, born Nov 4, 1946. Married Elizabeth Jill Carbine.

a. Kim Schou, born Sep 28, 1969.

2. Judith Denise Saunders, nee Schou, born Nov 16, 1948. Married Michael McDowell. Divorced. Remarried Brian Saunders.

a. Brent Colin McDowell, born Aug 2, 1968.

b. Jacinda Sheree Denise McDowell, born Mar 23, 1972.

3. Janice May Schou, born Dec 1, 1950. Married John Charles Chapman. Divorced.

a. Michael Stacey John Chapman, born Nov 16, 1970.

b. Dayna-Rae Chapman, born Jan 31, 1973.

4. Peter Michael Schou, born Aug 19, 1955. Married Carol Cornish. Divorced. Re-married Maxeen Maney.

Child of Peter and Carol:

a. Correena Schou, born circa 1977 or 1978.

Children of Peter and Maxine:

a. Rebekah Schou, born Apr 19, 1983. Married Neil Viviers on Jan 26, 2008. Divorced.

b. Joel Schou, born Jun 17, 1986.

d. Daniel George Cairncross, born Feb 17, 1929, Marton, NZ, died Feb 11, 1991, Marton, NZ. [O= original version lists Daniel's second name as Robert, and does not list his date of birth or death. Also lists 3 sons, but does not name them. Angie Cx suggests Warren, Brian and Michael.]

e. Rita Joy Cairncross, married Wright. - 3 Sons. Died. [N= new version does not list Rita.]

f. Robert James Cairncross. Married Marion Zander. Deceased. [N= new version does not list Robert or his children or grandchildren.]

1. Angela May Cairncross, born Apr 7, 1961 in Marton, New Zealand. Married Daniel McDougall (born Sep 23, 1962), on Jun 4, 1997.

a. Phoebe Sally Charmers McDougall, born Mar 10, 1998.

b. Elliot Margaret Marion McDougall, born Jan 16, 2003.

2. Judith-Ann Peta Cairncross, born May 9, 1963. Married Paul Haggerty (now divorced).

a. Brodie Ben Jack Haggerty, born Apr 1, 1994.

g. Christine Jane Cairncross, born at Marton. Married (1) William Stewart Hammond, divorced Dec 13, 1991. Remarried (2) Royce Edward Morgan in Tauranga Aug 22, 1992. [N= new version does not list Christine or her children or grandchildren.]

1. Kim Margaret Hammond, born Jun 2, 1971. Partner Andrew Hume.

a. Brydee Iris, born Feb 20, 2011 at Tauranga Hospital.

2. Mark Stewart Hammond, born Feb 1, 1973, died Sep 16, 1976.

3. Jodie Elizabeth, born Jul 1, 1980.

h. Eric Douglas Cairncross, born Jul 20, 1930 at Marton, NZ, died Jul 29, 1930 at Marton, NZ.

2. James Daniel Keeble Cairncross, born 1905. [O= original version does not list James.]

3. Alexander Keeble (Cairncross), born 1906, died 1949, NZ. He married Anne Marion Hooper 1929 in NZ. [O= original version states his wife as Ann Harper.]

a. Un-named Cairncross, born 1930, NZ, died 1930. This child was indexed as "still-born". [N= new version does not list this birth.]

b. Gary John Cairncross. Deceased. [O= original version does not list Gary, Jill or John.]

c. Jill Cairncross, married Oldfield.

d. John Cairncross.

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