Family of Alexander, born circa 1815 Newburgh.

a.  Alexander, born circa 1815. Occupation: Shipmaster. According to the details on Hugh and Isabella’s marriage certificate, Alexander’s wife was Isabella Downie, deceased at the time of their wedding.

1.  Hugh. 1840 -1919. Married Nov 5, 1860. The 1851 census shows Hugh, then aged 10 living with maternal grandparents Hugh Downie and Helen, nee Low. The family were at Shore Road, Newburgh at the 1881 census. Hugh was aged 41, a salmon fisher, his wife was aged 50, also born Newburgh, they had 4 of their children with them; Alexander aged 13, Christina aged 12, John aged 10 and Euphemia aged 8. No mention of Helen or Janet who died as infants. (In the family tree of Paul Smith, the children of Hugh and Isabella are: (a) Christina born Jan 3, 1868-1929, (b) Alexander born c1868, (c) John born c1871 and (d) Euphemia born c1873. Christina married James Low 1870-1957 and they had four children: (1) Rosie 1892-1969, (2) Herbert 1894-1972, (3) Hugh 1897-1901 and (4) Gwendoline 1904-c1979.) (See Hugh and Isabella’s Marriage Certificate.) (See the 1851 census. This lists Hugh and Helen Downie, both aged 38 years, plus their children Euphemia 21, and Helen 28 with her husband John small. Hugh is listed as grandson and is aged 10.)

a. Helen, born 25.5.1862, died1863.

b. Janet, born 15.8.1865, died 1868.

c. Alexander, born 3.8.1867, died 1929. Married 1891.

1. Margaret Millar, 1892-1912.

2. Hugh, 1895-1967

3. David Millar, 1898-1969. m. 1918.

4. Isabella, 1907, m. Allan.

d. Christina, born 5.1.1869.

e. John, born 22.5.1871. Married 1894, Elspeth Wilkie. Fisherman.

1. Johanna Muir, 1895-1929 m. 1919, Williamson.

2. Hugh, 1896-1951. m. 1919 Eliz. Lister Allan. It is probable that Hugh was in the Black Watch during WW1 and was bayoneted, and confined to a wheelchair as a result.

a. John, 1924-1944, b. Fife. Twin. London Scottish.No.14620854 Pte. Killed At Anzio, 4.2.44. (See personal recollections of someone who was with the twins at the time they were killed. Also, see this article published in the Daily Mail in 2009. Here are two more articles published in January 2014, to commemorate 70 years on from the deaths of these brothers; one from the CWGC News and Events section, the other by the Herald of Scotland. Here is the CWGC record of commemoration for John.)

b. Thomas Lister, 1924-44, b.Fife. Twin to above. London Scottish. No. 14620855 Pte. Killed at Anzio, 4.2.44. (Here is the CWGC record of commemoration for Thomas.)

c. Joanna, b. 1928

d. Hugh, b. 1933

3. Alexander, born Jan 25, 1899, died  Feb 28, 1989, Aylsham. He was a Salmon fisher in Newburgh, later farm cattleman. Married Apr 8, 1922, in Perth to Agnes Margaret (Etta) Soutar Craig, born Jun 2, 1904. She was the daughter of John Alexander Craig and Agnes Soutar. According to the pages of a savings book, between 1926 and 1934, Alexander was employed as a Linolium Printer. Here is Agnes's Birth certificate. See Alexander and Agnes's Marriage Certificate. See Alexander's Birth Certificate, and here is his entry of birth. Now see a photo of Alexander with his son John and second wife Evonne. Here is a copy of Alexander's Death Certificate. Here are 3 pages of a savings book of Alexander’s from 1929 to 1935; one, two and three.

a. John (Jock), born Sep 17, 1924, died Jan 28, 1995. Married (1) Brenda May Noster on Jan 15, 1947, and (2) Evonne. Here is a photo of John, Brenda and a very young, Ian. He was an Engineering Superintendent, later a publican in Aylsham, Norfolk. See John's Birth Certificate, plus a note written by the Minister who baptised him on Nov 2, 1924. Here is the article printed in the local newspaper announcing John’s death. Here's Brenda's grave.

1. Ian Robert, b. 19.9.1947. m. 1971 Christine.

a. Duncan Robert, b. 5.11.1975

2. Heather Margaret, b. 18.7.1949. m. 14.2.1970, Steven Mahood.

a. Amanda Jane, b. 25.12.1974

b. Peter Edward, b. 25.2.1977, m. 20.9.2000, Charlotte Lorraine Dorling

1. Paige Georgina Heather, b. 3.7.2000

2. Callum Steven Drew Mahood, b. 19.12.2001

c. Michael Trevor Alexander, b. 6.4.1990

1.  Bailey Steven Michael, born 19 Jan 2011. Weighed in at 6lb 14oz.

3. Janice Pearl, b. 16.7.1957. m. 15.11.1980, Tim Frary. Divorced.

a. Tamlyn (Tammy) Evonne May, b. 23.12.1980. Partner Sean Lark, born circa 1975.

1. Sophie Louise, b. 31.12.1997

2. Georgina Jessica, b. 30.12.1998

b. Lianne Margaret, b. 5.9.1984. Partner Lee Oakley. Separated.

1.  Kali Eden, born 22.12.2006.

2.  Ashlie, born 3.11.2008

3.  Megan, born 3.11.2008. Twin to Ashlie.

4.  Tyler James Frary, born Nov 10, 2013.

c. Natalie Victoria, b. 24.6.1987. Partner Paul Baker.

1.  Emily Leslie, born 30.11.2008.

b. Alec, b. 1933. m. Flora

1. Alan, b. 1956. m.1982/3 Shirley.

2. Craig, b. 1958.m. 1985 Jill.

a. Chantelle Maria. b. 1987.

4. John. 1901-195?

f. Euphemia, born 1873.

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